Friday, December 18, 2009

Stained Glass workshop at the SCA Gallery

Make Stained Glass!
at the SCA Project Gallery

Instructor: Stacy Davies (
Dates: Mon., 7PM, beginning Jan. 25 (6 weeks)
Registration Fee: $80 (additional fee for materials) For More Information:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pomona Christmas Parade and December Artwalk

First off, at 10am there was the Christmas Parade that came down 2nd Street. It was quite a treat to have this going on right outside our front porch. There were a few floats, high school bands, city officials, art towers, veterans, a tribe and much more. The parade lasted a few hours with the rain stopping during most of it. All in all it was an added treat that promises to be bigger and better next year.

It was a rainy Second Saturday, but that didn't stop the hardcore artwalkers. Yes, the true fans made it out and about to keep the artwalk alive. Reports from the "West Side" say it was busy and they were swamped and had to send people home, (at 11pm). We were not without a steady crowd here at Bunny Gunner with the crowds enjoying the beautiful paintings or Dan Callis and all our Holiday Goodies. Just next door at Ink'd Chronicles, your's truly had a solo show of small pieces called "Corroded Diagram Outlet". Thanks for all those of you who came in and supported my show. SCA Project Gallery Store had reports of good sales throughout the day, showing people are in that shopping mood. Miramar also had a sale inviting reps from the industry to check out all their custom longboard merchandise. Down the street at Pedersen Projects, our friend Kirk was showcasing the work of a group of amazing artists. His gallery managed to pull a huge crowd on only his second opening.
Father Bill impressed with some new work showing at his studio gallery. A few doors down at The Blue Core Gallery had it's holiday art show called "Under the Tree" and did well to sell some small pieces to the eager collectors. dba256 continued it's exhibition of artist Alex Brown and had some bands entertaining the crowd. Rain or shine, the Artwalk will happen.

Heads up, most galleries will not be open Last Saturday due to the holiday, but Blue Core Gallery is planning an event for the night of the 26th.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Artwalk 2009

Pomona Arts Colony Keeps Growing and Growing and Growing...

5 new galleries opened their doors in the arts colony this weekend, most of them on the ever growing "West Side". AC Projects is the return of Gallery Curator Andi Campogne to the Arts Colony. Her new ultra slick gallery is located next door to Blue Core Gallery and sports the amazing work of many well know artists. Just accross the street, 2 new galleries have emerged in the newly built Edison Building. The Galleries brought an new crowd to the area including a pack of lowrider cars parked outside. On the other side of the colony, Faded and Blured opened it's doors in the Founder's Building hosting a photography exhibit from their group of over 100. Down Thomas Street, Kirk Pedersen has his first opening at his new gallery, Pedersen Projects, showing his paintings and photos of urban decay from the far east.

Besides the new spaces, some of the regulars also delivered with powerful shows bringing in the eager art walker. The dA Gallery brought it's yearly show "Hands Across Aztlan" with the work of many artists all showcasing their spin on Chicano Art. During the opening, a group of Aztec dancers and musicians demonstrated traditional dance and music in the gallery, bring a sense of tradition to the exhibit. Next door, dba256 was showing the work of Alex Brown with a number of colored textured paintings spread through out the gallery. Sakura Ichi was the host of painter, Davis S. Wade's, work being displayed within the restaurant. Bunny Gunner featured the work of local artist, Shari Wasson. Her work didn't stop to amaze and excite the viewer to ask questions and look further into her detailed drawings. Next door Ink'd Chronicles kept the party going with a dj playing dance music for the crowds walking by. At OBJCT Gallery, another dj and drumer provided music for the art walkers attending the exhibit "Experimental". This show was a mix of paintings, design, and furniture all with the taste of the new and innovative.

All in all, the colony has not stopped to bring new people exposure to such a rich variety of art and entertainment. With new galleries sprouting up every month, the colony seems to have no apparent end as it keeps growing and growing and growing...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Costume Party. Hollywood/Movie Themed. Raffles, prizes, scary drinks, spooky photo booth, and more!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second Saturday Artwalk October 2009

IT was an extra busy 2nd Saturday this month with some new Galleries, lots of Music and new visitors from all over Southern California. Parts of Second St. were closed off to allow a few bands to play their music for the "Tattoo for the Cure" event at Ink'd Chronicles. And what a crowd they had, people were lining up to get their ribbon tattoo or piercing. The bands also provided entertainment for the hundreds of people in line to get into The Glass House to see the Swedish Metal band "Children of Bodom."
On the other end of Second St. or what we like to call "the West Side," and new gallery sprung up in the newly renovated Edison Building. "Silence Gallery" did well to bring a new crowd of artists and lookers to the ever-growing area. Also on the West Side, Fahter Bill Moore Studio Gallery, Blue Core Gallery and A.S.Ashley Studios reported being "swamped" with record numbers of new visitors.
Back to the dA Gallery and SCA, they also felt the crowds having to stay open a little later as people were still looking after 10pm. Two other events on Thomas Street also contributed to the record numbers of the night. Platform Skate won a contest and a touring skate park set up across from them where people got to enjoy skating all day. Just next door, Galeria Rustica celebrated 10 years in the Colony with a huge group art show with all from the Colony and beyond.
Overall, the good weather, the music, new galleries, big events and the art all contributed to another successful Pomona Arts Colony Art Walk. If you missed it, you have a second chance on Metro Night out Last Saturday Art Walk on the 31.
Photos by: Ren, Jill Carol, and Bunny Gunner

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Breaking Free

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 10th
Resource Fair & Vigil: Saturday, October 24th

dA Center for the Arts
252 South Main Street
Pomona Arts Colony

Exhibit runs through the month of October

Thanks to the support of the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona's lively downtown art district, AWBW will present its "BREAKING FREE: Art as a Healing Tool" Exhibit through the month of October in commemoration of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Curated by Sandra Mueller, AWBW's Community Arts Liaison, the exhibit will focus on the healing power of art and the resilience of women and children in domestic violence shelters. Other works on display will include a large scale Family Story Tree mural and selections from Cathy Salser's Portraits of Survivors series. Opening on October 1st, the exhibit will also feature a reception on Saturday, October 10th, and a domestic violence resource fair and vigil in honor of survivors on October 24th.

Running concurrently at the nearby SCA Project Gallery is the juried show "Shelter."

AWBW thanks in advance Artist Advisory Circle Member J. Cheryl Bookout, director of the SCA Project Gallery, and Terry Castillo, managing director for dA, and their respective boards of directors for opening their doors to mobilize the public to help end domestic violence.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Night Art'n

It was a great night to be out and be art'n. There were 4 key events that took place and all did not stop to amaze. 1st off was the Claremont Museum of Art's two new exhibits, 10lb Ape "Your Mother Was Beautiful Once" and "An Enduring Legacy".

10lb ape consisted of huge installed "shacks" plastered with nick knacks, posters, messages, furniture and lots other wacky items all within the room of the museum exhibition space. Our friend Matt Wardell installed all this with items he found rummaging around his community in alleys and yard sales.

"An Enduring Legacy" is a show that represents work that has been newly acquired to the permanent collection. The exhibit was displayed in a kind of time line, with more modern local region artists such as James Heuter, and Carl Benjamin, giving way to the newer contemporary works of such artists like Alex Couwenburg, Rebecca Hamm, and Gary Geraths.

Just across from the museum was Alex Brown's solo exhibition of his textured abstract landscape pieces. The great numbers of the works allow you to explore Alex's sense of experimentation.

Last but not least we headed over to 5IFTYBUCKS Gallery in Pomona to see Tom Pathe's Solo exhibit. First reaction, AMAZING, Tom created 5 new pieces ranging from his color panel pieces to rotated photographs beautifully mounted to clear acrylic. But the show stopper here was his incredible plywood cut out deer paintings mixed with resin and drawn elements. Tom, you never seize to amaze us, keep doing that.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pomona Arts colony Artwalk from another perspective

Last night the Arts Colony had very special guests. We had a group of about 92 photographers who explored the entire Colony, snapping as many shots as they could along the way. They are part of a Photo group called "Faded and Blurred" who regularly schedule photo walks all over Southern Califonia. Luckily they chose Pomona's Artwalk this time and we benefit with the beautiful pictures they are sharing with us that show the Colony from a fresh perspective.
Thank you Faded and Blurred for sharing these beautiful photos with us!
We love Pomona and You really captured our essence!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Patrick Merrill Book Fund

Today we received this letter about our friend Patrick Merrill...
We cherish Patrick and his wife Debra's friendship.
They mean a lot to so many of us...
-Juan and Susie

Please read below the letter below, and feel free to pass this on to your friends.

By coagula | July 22, 2009 - 11:52 pm - Posted in Coagula ARCHIVES
Patrick Merrill artist printmaker 1994

Artist PATRICK MERRILL (center) guides his wife thru an extensive art exhibit (Downtown Lives) in November, 1994. Merrill is regarded as one of the great print makers in Southern California over the past 40 years. Here is LINK TO ONE of his recent major prints

"In all of Merrill’s work there is an urgency and a conviction. He is a master printer, a superb technician as well as a sophisticated and passionate artist who confronts the pleasures and pains of life in emotionally poignant works". -Jody Zellen

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As some of you already know, but many don’t, Patrick Merrill has terminal colon cancer.

It is at stage 4 and is inoperable. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy, which will continue indefinitely. Although this is admittedly a very challenging time for Patrick and those close to him, a wonderfully positive idea for a fitting legacy has emerged. In an effort to realize that idea, we are writing to ask you to make a donation towards a book project we will describe below.

Both the chemo and the cancer bear down on Patrick and changes in his life are inescapable. He will be leaving Cal Poly in October, but will continue curating at the OT Gallery—a gallery dedicated to printmaking. He has already severely reduced the number of clients he accepts at his Fine Art Press. By the end of the year most, if not all, of his responsibilities will be eliminated and he will be able to go into his studio every day to make his own art, read and write about art, and work with artists he respects.

A few months back we were offered an incredible gift. Garland Kirkpatrick, an old friend and book designer, made a pro bono offer to design a book about Patrick’s art and practice. This concept evolved further when art historians Dr. Ruth Capelle, Dr. Joanna Roche, and Debra Winters, together with art critic Suvan Geer, stepped forward and offered to write major essays covering different aspects of Patrick’s work. Longtime friend and photographer, Rhead Lown, has offered--again pro bono--to document Patrick’s entire life’s artwork. Pat Bril, a librarian and a most insightful reader, will edit all the text for the book. Jade Jewett, a gifted painter and art professor, has generously undertaken the job of project manager, the one who keeps everything on track.

The essayists have started writing and we are still brainstorming some of the project, for example, we are considering for the dust jacket an original print, printed by letterpress. The style of the book will be somewhere between an artist’s book and an artist’s monograph. This book is a lifelong dream, and it addresses creatively and constructively Patrick’s angst that he and his art will disappear after he dies.

As you can see much of the expense of putting this project together has already been covered through generous donations of time and specialized labor by many people. However, two critical components still require funding: specific monumental prints need large scale digital scanning in order to reproduce effectively and, of course, printing costs must be addressed. We are estimating these two elements will total around $80,000. Half of that amount has already been promised. For the rest, we are seeking your help. However, we understand these are difficult financial times for many, and we ask only that you consider a contribution level with which you are comfortable. We are confident this collective endeavor will provide what is needed and plan to go into production by summer 2010. If we receive your donation by the end of this year, we can more efficiently plan the design of the book within the budget available.

Please make your donation to the “Pat Merrill Book Fund” at either of the following addresses, and please give us your contact information.

Send to either:

Debra Winters
1129 C Golden Springs Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

*Or send directly to:

Pat Merrill Book Fund
Account #60130688401
c/o First Federal Bank of CA
Sunset Park Office
1750 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Your Name(s):
Telephone/ Cell Number:

*If you send your check directly to the bank please also send your contact information above to Debra’s email:

Please forward this email to the many people whose lives Patrick and Debra have touched. If you have any questions, please send emails to:

Debra –
Jade –
Any and all help is truly welcome.
Thank you in advance for your help,
The Pat Merrill Book Fund (PMBF) Project Team
Jade Jewett
Debra Winters
Suvan Gear

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Thank you to all the artist who participated in ONA2X2...
Awesome, Awesome job! Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the reception, it was so good to see all of you! Paul, thank you so much for inviting us into your gallery it's been a great experience! You and your staff did an amazing job hanging the show...very nice reception too :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Week in Art:

This Week in Art:

two Art openings,

One tomorrow Night and One on Friday Night.

Cypress Cologe art Gallery Presents:


a group show curated by Susie Eaton and Juan Thorp of Bunny Gunner.

opening reception, Wed Sept 2nd, 6-8pm.

show runs Sept 2 - Oct 1.


The Claremont Community Foundation

and the Empirical Philatelic Trust's

Bureau of Printing and Engraving

present the

2009 Claremont Postal

Ephemera Exhibition

Claremont, California

From the personal collection of

Michael Woodcock

at the Claremont Community Foundation Art Gallery,

2009 Claremont Postal Ephemera Exhibition

by Michael Woodcock

Artist's reception, Friday Sept 4th , 5:30 - 7:30pm.

show runs Sept 1 - Sept 25th

more info below

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Artwalk Review

Who says August is a dead month for art?

Well, that was not the case last night during Pomona's Art Walk. I got a chance to make it around the block this time and took a few pictures. Man was it packed out, there were lots of people hanging around the galleries, farmer's market and all the restaurants. By far the largest crowd was congregating around the dA Center. They were featuring the works of over 100 artists for the "Gone Fishin" show that consisted of fish based art. The highlights of the show were Chris Toovey's collection of fish paraphernalia installed in the back room, the ping pong goldfish game and the giant fish photo shoot by Cherie. There was a huge crowd in the gallery all looking around at the fish art. Just around the corner were a few new exhibitions. One was David S. Wade's paintings at the PO for this "Corrugated Heroes" show and the other was a group show at dba256 by local artists. Besides that, "Out of the Blue", a show by the Blue Core Group did well to bring crowds of people to the "West Side". And while in the West Side people stopped by to visit Ross Thompson's ceramic studio and picked up a few bowls. On the other end of 2nd St., Miramar put together a provocative photography exhibit bringing people down to that area and continuing on to Joey's BBQ where there was another new art exhibit with band and all. There were lots of other things going on, but I can't tell you here, you'll just have to come next 2nd Saturday and experience them for yourselves.

Back at the home front, we at Bunny Gunner are featuring a show with paintings by former Pomona Artists, Carlos Estrada-Vega. His colored square paintings and Ross's Ceramics in the window did well to draw a nice crowd to our gallery. So did a new show at Ink'd Chronicles next door which exhibited paintings by artist Psyco James and others.

Photos by Jill Carol, Juan Thorp and Susie Eaton

Friday, August 7, 2009

August Artwalk

It's Second Saturday again and there's a lot going on. We have our new show "Works on Paper" by Carlos Estrada-Vega, the dA has the "Gone Fishin" show and Blue Core gallery has "Into the Blue." Make sure you check each one of these shows out and don't forget to get you picture taken with my giant 7' fish that's hanging at the dA. Also on the list is Jenelle Lowry's show at Sakura Ichi Gallery, she did some new paintings for the space. Miramar will be hosting a Photography show and judging by the flyer, it looks edgy. If that's not enough to get you to come, there are lots of other galleries and the farmer's market and car show. See you then.

You can read more about from our Arts Colony Correspondent, A.S. Ashleys article in the Daily Bulletin

or visit Pomona Arts Colony website

Also this from: Colony Art Gifts

If the collaborative partnership between the dA and SCA is like a marriage made in Heaven, Colony Art Gifts is their firstborn child.

Colony Art Gifts, located at 281 S. Thomas, #101 (above the SCA in the Founder's Building), will offer affordable, original objects d'art as well as t-shirts, cds, cards and more. The mission of Colony Art Gifts is to connect local artists and artisans who create really fantastic things with people who just happen to be in the market for things that are really fantastic.

A percentage of each sale will benefit the continuing arts programs of the dA Center for the Arts and the SCA Project Gallery.

Our Grand Opening will be Saturday, September 12. Store hours will be 11am - 7pm on Wednesday thru Saturday, with extended hours during Art Walk and Metro Night events.

If you are an artist who would like to have your merchandise considered for sale, contact Cher Ofstedahl at , or call Colony Art Gifts at 909-865-0252.

If you are someone who is looking for unique, beautiful art gifts at great prices, just come on by and c'mon, BUY!!!!

Bunny Gunner is pleased to present the New
Works of Carlos Estrada- Vega

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Carlos now resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he has just completed a new studio space overlooking the wide expanse of the breathtaking New Mexican landscape. Having lived in Los Angeles for more than 20 years, his recent move to New Mexico has enabled him to reach new heights in his already well known sense of luscious color sensibility. Upon completion of his Bachelor in Arts, Art/Religious Studies from California State University at Bakersfield he then continued his graduate studies in art at Claremont Graduate University.

Estrada-Vega is represented in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cologne, Germany and Sydney, Australia. His work is in the collections of the Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg, Germany, Portland (Oregon)Art Museum, Long Beach (California) Museum of Art, University of California at Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, The Oakland (California) Museum, Norton Family Foundation and many private collections in the USA, Europe and Australia.

This month they are showcasing The Blue Core Artists the title of the show is "Out of the Blue" look forward in seeing all of you here for great art, food, and music. August 8th 6:00 P.M - 11:00 PM 558 west 2nd St. "A" Pomona Ca. 91766

The dA gallery

August is the month many folks go on vacation and local shops hang their Gone Fishin’ signs on door knobs. The dA Center for the Arts thought it would be a good idea to do likewise during Second Saturday Art Walk by presenting a summertime show exclusively about fish.

“Gone Fishin’” is a group art exhibit featuring over 100 pieces of artwork depicting our fishy friends, many of which will never be seen in an aquarium, but in a gallery setting the range of strange underwater beasties is endless.

And if the peculiar renditions of fabulous fish fodder aren’t enough, the dA will have a “Big Catch” photo area where patrons can get snapshots of themselves in waders and fishing cap, alongside a 600 lb grouper fish for their trophy mantle.

Plus for the kiddies, there will be a ping-pong-ball fish arcade where little tykes of all ages can toss for live gold fish.

Additionally there will be fish trophies, plaques and certificates of merit for the following fish award catagories:


Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Magic Door

Our dear friend Dwain Kaiser was rushed to the Hospital yesterday with breathing problems. We ask everyone to not be alarmed, as he is in the hospital only for a few days for observation. Thank you all for your concern and for everyone who has offered to help. Joann would like to thank everyone who help pitched in any way they could. Get well soon Dwain as we need someone to greet us as we walk down the north side of 2nd St.

If you would like to help but not sure how, come down the store and buy a few books, they have a great selection, and friendly too!
Magic Door IV
155 W. 2nd St.
Pomona, CA 91766
909 472 2991

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grand opening and ribbon cutting of Aladddin Jr.

A busy night for the Colony Tonight!

First of all, it is the grand opening for our neighbor "Aladdin Jr." The Pomona Chamber of Commerce is holding a ribbon cutting for the event. This takes place at 5:30 at 296 W. 2nd St. (Corner of 2nd and Main) in the Arts Colony. Inside Aladdin, is also the long awaited preview of the new lounge room "Night Driving", a curated effort by Perry Tollet (Glasshouse) and Rolo Castillo (5iftybucks). Come by and taste the food, music, and art.

Just down the street at 256 S. Main St. (Corner of 3rd and Main) DBA256 is hosting the Dale Bros Brewery "Pacific Daylight" introduction party. Mmmm ... summer beer. This starts at 6pm.

Two parties only a few hundred feet from each other, I think that's enough to do for a Thursday night. Come out and enjoy the cool summer nights right here in the Colony.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mixing it up with the Mixed Drink Colony walk.

Yes it was after second Saturday and we decided to celebrate. The night started off with a mini BBQ with friends at DBA. Only had a few beers to start here, but we'll get back to that later. We all had the pirate itch and were feeling like having some rum in us, you know to perk us up from that "so tired can't think straight" slump. Off to Acerogami (Glass House Bar) we all went. And to our luck, Erinn and Jaclyn where there ready to serve our imaginations. For the first round, I ordered the "facebook famous" lychee martini that was delicious and smooth. Susie and Marisa went for "the VIP" (a special martini) and a lemon drop. Now we said we were going to stick to rum and try something different every time, but the drinks got the better of us and we broke the rules right of the bat. Marisa ordered the same drink and I went for a dirty martini with Susie going for the Bloody Mary. Well, this changed things as now Susie was set on those delicious BM's and Marisa going for the Don Juan. At this point anything was game. Jaclyn served up some watermelon shots and Alex and Natalie joined the party along with Brad who was drinking scotch and soda. I was feeling experimental so I went home and grabbed the pickle jar. Jaclyn made me the best pickle juice martini ever, so Susie had some of the same mixed into her BM. At this point Alex was ready to buy me a shot so we had some fruity smooth thing I can't remember. Now around 12 am, we decided to continue our adventure to another bar. Characters was the obvious choice, and a strong one it was. At Characters I ended up just asking Jessica, "Give me something with vodka that's not sweet." I got a screwdriver in a huge mug with some orange wedges mixed in and Susie had another BM, but this one was huge and had a giant celery stick coming out of it. By now, last call was approaching so we decided to take it back home. Back to DBA it was were Tibbi made Susie an awesome Chelada with Clamato and hot sauce and other stuff I don't remember. In keeping with the martini vibe, he also served us up mixed nuts in a martini glass. Thanks Jaclyn, Erinn, Tibbi, and Jessica for providing a great mixed drink mayhem bar walk. Maybe we'll do this every "Second Sunday" or is it called "The Day After"?

-Juan and Susie

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bunny Gunner's Second Birthday and July Artwalk

We had a great Art Walk last night. We celebrated Bunny Gunner's 2nd birthday with great art, great music and lots of great friends. Here are the pictures to prove it. We've also included some of the other galleries and Art Walkers. Enjoy the pictures and if you missed the Art Walk, remember we have another reception during last Saturday on July 25th.

-Juan and Susie

Photos by Jill Carol, Susie Eaton and Juan Thorp

Friday, July 10, 2009

"Summertime" Show at Bunny Gunner

Here's a preview of some of the art for the
"Summertime" show at Bunny Gunner
this Saturday.
We're celebrating our 2nd Birthday, so
come on out and see us!

Go to Pomona Arts Colony for details
on exhibits at our friends galleries...
All the galleries have fantastic shows!

Bunny Gunner is located at:
266 west second St.
Pomona Arts Colony

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bunny Gunner Celebrates Second Birthday

July 2009 marks Bunny Gunner's 2nd birthday. It's been a great two years, even though we have been working in the Arts Colony for almost 10 years. Bunny Gunner plans to celebrate it's birthday during the July Art Walk. We will host a group art show titled “Summertime”. Each artist has created a small work of art that stays within the summertime theme. Besides the art, we will also have live music from “The Sonnets” and other bands, free BBQ’d hot dogs, a kiddy pool, and other fun summer activities. So we would like to invite everyone to come and celebrate our 2nd Birthday during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

We are an art gallery, graphic design studio, frame shop specializing in conservation, museum and gallery framing, located in Downtown Pomona at 266 W.Second St. in the Arts Colony.

Certified Framer Susie Eaton, with over 20 years experience in the industry and Artist Juan Thorp are the owners of Bunny Gunner. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10-7 and until ??? on the second Saturday and the last Saturday of every month, which is our artwalk and closing reception.

-Juan and Susie


Monday, June 15, 2009

Pomona June Artwalk

It's June and it's another great Art Walk. I have written before about the colony growing, and it's happening again. Two new spaces this time, Joseph Todorovitch's Studio and Lucha Gallery. Both new additions to the "West Side" of the Colony. I didn't get a chance to get out that far, but I heard lots of good things. The attendance to the west side of the Colony seems to have doubled. That's great for everyone as it shows people are starting to realize the Colony is larger than they first expected. Another highlight was the addition of the SCA and dA Arts Colony Store. They had art, clothes, and other stuff for sale. It's the start of something we have needed for a long time. Stop by sometime and see what they have. Check out the slideshow to see what else was going on.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Second Saturday Artwalk for June

Come on out tonight and join us for a night of Art, Music
The Farmer's Market.... good times!
All the galleries have new shows , we even have a new gallery in town.
The Lucha Gallery is located at 495 W. Second St. 
they will featuring the art of Hector Silva, curated by Patricia E. Zambrano.
Welcome to the neighborhood!

For more information, remember to go to Pomona Arts Colony  

Here are some highlights of what's going on around the Colony tonight:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bunny Gunner's Opinion

So, the council meeting was a complete farse. We came out in large numbers to support the PBID and DPOA only to be turned back by a delay caused by the Freddie Rodriquez's absence. Oh it could have happened today, as Paula Lantz was all for going on with the meeting, but the Mayor decided it would be "disrespectful" to hold the meeting without Freddie. Well what about the disrespect to all the people that took time out of their busy lives to be there when it was scheduled? Paula made a point that she spoke to Freddie and he was okay with the meeting going on without him since it wouldn't come to a vote anyway. But the Mayor stepped in and said he also spoke to Freddie and was told to not have the meeting without him. So what's the real deal here? The real deal is there's something fishy going on with the Mayor calling all the shots and postponing the meeting until Thursday when Paula will not be able to attend and Freddie will. What does that mean? Well Paula expressed she was in support of the PBID and only mentioned some trash issues that need to be addressed. And word is Freddie is against the PBID. So this means the PBID loses a positive vote and gains a negative. What's up with politics? Either way the meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday, don't we the citizens have any say in the matter? We were there, we were ready, what about us?


From the other half of Bunny Gunner:

I would like to add that I am for the P-BID/ DPOA and happy with what they have done for our Downtown area, so are my customers....I hear wonderful things about our town from people who travel from all over Southern Ca. to do business with me....they love it here!
We have grown to love the members of the DPOA too... it makes me sick to think that they could loose their jobs.
That is why I went tonight! Larry Egan, Lorena and Augusto and all the members of the DPOA have gone beyond the call of duty to make this a place others would want to spend their time and money. Larry is the best thing that has happened to us in the 9 years that I have been living and doing business in the Arts Colony.We are so fortunate to have a fine art photographer on staff, Sally Egan, who tirelessly is at every event shooting pictures to promote our businesses and bring new business to the downtown area.
The Metro Pomona Website is like no other, Jason Christman ( brand new Papa) is a genius...the best web designer I've ever seen. Thank you to all of the members of the board of directors, Carolyn Hemming, Mike Showalter, Kathy Tessier, Jerry Tessier and Don Church, you have all done an excellent job!

The vision statement for the DPOA is:

Metro Pomona is a safe, clean, friendly, historic mixed-use urban neighborhood that serves as a regional destination for arts, antiques, retail and entertainment and as the center for commerce, education, and cultural life of our diverse community. The core purpose of the Downtown Pomona Owners' Association is to make Metro Pomona a desirable and economically vibrant place to be.

Mission Accomplished!


Downtown Galleries Support P-BID

I have lived in Pomona for over 20 years. I am a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and went through all of my schooling in the PUSD. I have been active in the Arts Colony of Pomona since 1996. Since then I have seen the area grow from a quiet "Ghost Town" to a growing community, and now to a thriving Arts and Music destination. I remember when P-Bid was first announced and considered a really bad idea. I saw it pass and within the first few years, really make a positive difference in the community. Since then, it has really taken off the ground and become the driving force behind the improvement and expansion of the area. DPOA has really become the main advocate of all the small businesses including the restaurants, antique shops, and galleries in the area. Without the help of the promotion, security, and maintenance DPOA provides, the area would still be stuck 5 years back struggling to survive and bring shoppers, and patrons to the businesses.

Susie Eaton and I currently own and operate a small business called Bunny Gunner. It is an art gallery, picture framing shop and sign shop on 2nd St. As a business, we pay into the PBID and are glad to do so. The amount of benefits we obtain from the DPOA are far greater than anything we could do ourselves. Some of the things DPOA provides us small businesses are a great website, security, and maintenance. The website at has become a main draw for people to find out about the area and have many interesting reasons to visit. Security provides a safe environment for businesses to thrive without the worry of break-ins, robbery, homeless presence, and other disturbing elements more present throughout other parts of the city. Maintenance provides for a clean a presentable area which is inviting for new visitors and prospective businesses. I'm not sure what the records say, but you might find the Downtown area to be one of the fastest growing business communities in all of Pomona. New businesses mean lots of new tax dollars benefiting the city, and increase in taxes might have a direct impact on the taxes being paid by the city itself.

If the PBID does not pass, I would expect to see a decline in the downtown area which would have a diverse effect on the whole city. Pomona has had a hard time with it's reputation. It has become infamous from gangs, crime and the CHP officer murder. The downtown area has been one of the main driving forces to turn this image around. With the help of the DPOA, the arts colony and antique row have been successful at turning this negative stereotype around and attracting people from Claremont, Orange County, LA and other surrounding communities to the area. There is no longer the stigma of being shot, mugged or your car being broken into, mainly thanks to the security of the DPOA and the confidence the patrons themselves have in the area.

So I stand in full support of PBID and all it has done to turn the area of Downtown Pomona around and provide for a safe, clean, exciting, and traffic full area for a small business like my own to thrive. Please vote to keep the PBID and the DPOA so I may continue to believe in all the great things Pomona has done for itself.

I would also like to add the fact the we live at our business and have a 24-7 perspective of what goes on in the downtown area. I would like for you to consider asking all others speaking on behalf of the matter if they live in the area and are then fully experienced to comment on the subject.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

-Juan Thorp and Susie Eaton

A.S. Ashley writes:

In two-plus years living in Downtown Pomona, I've seen nearly a half-dozen new restaurants open, empty storefronts filled, the renovation of the Fox Theater, and 30 percent growth in art venues in the Arts Colony.

And that's during these devastating financial times. Thank you, DPOA!
To read more of what Ashley writes about this subject, you can read his article in The Daily Bulletin

The Blue Core Gallery adds:

I am an artist here in the Pomona Art Colony, I moved here in 2001, became a VPD Commissioner when the P-BID was just in the works. I got married and moved away before it took effect, I was gone 5 years and just moved back 3 months ago and was amazed how Pomona had changed. I feel more secure now with the security the DPOA has on force. I have a 3 year old and we visit the Veterans park on a daily basis and to see the security on patrol is wonderful, not to mention the way the DPOA keeps this town clean, the visitors we get from the Metro Night out and other events. I can compare Pomona before the P-BID and after, because I was born and raised here in Pomona, went to all the schools here so I can speak with authority that Mr. Egan and the DPOA needs to be renewed, this town deserves to keep growing in the right direction and removal of the DPOA would put this town back to the state it was in when I left 5 years ago. thank you, Steve Ruiz ex VPD commissioner/artist

-Steve Ruiz

And this from Cheryl Bookout:

I have been a resident and director of an arts nonprofit in downtown Pomona since 1999. When the PBID was put in place and the DPOA took action, downtown Pomona took a turn in a long awaited direction...a very positive direction. I've been a member of various committees over the years, the goals were always the same for our downtown business district: a cleaner and safer city, to become a destination city in the greater Southern California community to experience art and culture and attract new commerce. These things are happening. If we should suddenly lose the DPOA, we would be thrown back to the days of dirty streets, graffiti on the windows and a less safe place to be. With the renovation of the Fox Theater as a music venue, the youth music crowd will be an ongoing part of our community. With this comes higher visibility for the area and a greater need for all the things that the DPOA provides.

Downtown Pomona needs the DPOA now, more than ever.
-J. Cheryl Bookout

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Call to Artist

Art Towers

Simon Rodia took 33 years to build his towers in Watts, Gustave Eiffel
built a famous tower in France and Antoni Gaudi created 18 towers as
part of the temple of th Sagrada Familia in Spain. These towers soar
above us, but also inspire us

WATCH ART HAPPEN invites teams of artist to be inspired by these
structures and take the opportunity to create their own art towers. More
than one million visitors will view the process as part of the exhibition
The Making of Art at the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts
at Fairplex during the 2009 L.A. County Fair, Sept. 5 through Oct. 4 Teams
will receive a commission of $3,000 for their Art Towers.
For more information:
Millard Sheets Center for Arts
Coordinator: Dina Romero

Millard Sheets Center for the Arts
1101 W. McKinley Ave.
Pomona, Ca. 91768