Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Night Art'n

It was a great night to be out and be art'n. There were 4 key events that took place and all did not stop to amaze. 1st off was the Claremont Museum of Art's two new exhibits, 10lb Ape "Your Mother Was Beautiful Once" and "An Enduring Legacy".

10lb ape consisted of huge installed "shacks" plastered with nick knacks, posters, messages, furniture and lots other wacky items all within the room of the museum exhibition space. Our friend Matt Wardell installed all this with items he found rummaging around his community in alleys and yard sales.

"An Enduring Legacy" is a show that represents work that has been newly acquired to the permanent collection. The exhibit was displayed in a kind of time line, with more modern local region artists such as James Heuter, and Carl Benjamin, giving way to the newer contemporary works of such artists like Alex Couwenburg, Rebecca Hamm, and Gary Geraths.

Just across from the museum was Alex Brown's solo exhibition of his textured abstract landscape pieces. The great numbers of the works allow you to explore Alex's sense of experimentation.

Last but not least we headed over to 5IFTYBUCKS Gallery in Pomona to see Tom Pathe's Solo exhibit. First reaction, AMAZING, Tom created 5 new pieces ranging from his color panel pieces to rotated photographs beautifully mounted to clear acrylic. But the show stopper here was his incredible plywood cut out deer paintings mixed with resin and drawn elements. Tom, you never seize to amaze us, keep doing that.


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