Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So maybe you noticed the huge hole accross the street from us at Bunny Gunner. Most peoples' reactions are, hey weren't there buildings there a week ago? or what are they going to build there. It is frustrating to answer the later question. It goes something like this, 260 something condos, but not for another 4 years because of the collapse of the housing market. Lately my answer has been, who knows, maybe they're going to sell it. Either way, we're stuck with an empty whole that for the time being, we are enjoying. Yes we like it, the "WATT hole" gives us a beautiful clear view of the train and the snow capped mountains. How nice it would be if they didn't build anything but instead made it a park. Wait, there might be some truth to that comment. The locals, including myself are pushing for some sort of sculpture garden. Even if it is temporary and is behind a fence. Here is my rendition of what would be really ideal:

Some of the other colonists have other ideas about the "WATT hole". This is a take from local correspondent A.S. Ashley. (Pomona Arts Colonists does not necessarily agree with or endorse the following ideas or oppinions). Knock 'em dead Ash...

by A.S. Ashley

The folks from WATT, the makers of the nice vacant lot pit-pond along 2nd Street in the heart of Pomona’s Arts Colony, are finally fashioning a wrought iron fence to go around the property.

Good news, right?

Maybe not, I heard that plywood panels are going to be attached to the fence. It is rumored the panels will be painted by artists, but I don’t know by who or of what. No one is telling anybody anything and the Arts Colony is being left in the lurch.

The problems posed by the panels are: having anything attached to the fence is subject to vandalism; the local police are against having anything block their view of the lot; and I doubt anyone in the Arts Colony is going to be pleased with the area fenced in with plywood, whether it be painted by artists or not. It will look "trashy" in no time.

I have spoken with Watt’s representative to the DPOA (Downtown Pomona Owners Association), as well as some of the financial backers of Watt’s project in Downtown Pomona, about a proposal for a sculpture garden.

Money seems to be their primary concern.

With the WATT/Artisan project on indefinite hold due to the real estate downward trend (after demolishing two blocks of buildings leaving the Arts Colony looking blighted), local businesses, galleries, and artist residents have come away feeling abandoned and betrayed.

The downtown community is not exactly sympathetic to Watt's professed financial woes, especially when one group of Pomona land owners, the Tessier family, has shown tremendous courage in recent months revitalizing downtown with such additions as the PHO Vi restaurant, the Brick Nightclub, renovation of the Opera Garage, the incoming Aladdin Jr. restaurant, and of course, the Granddaddy of them all, The Fox Theater.

At least the Tessier's can't be accused of not believing and investing in the future of downtown Pomona. In contrast, the Watt Co. is now being talked about among locals as cheap and dispassionate.

As far as the sculpture garden, we feel this proposal could fit the bill while waiting for any construction to begin. The garden could serve as a huge attraction for the downtown area, and restore some credibility to the Watt Co.

The city can provide the fill for the pit (the City Manager has already indicated this); the sculptures and security would be sponsored by David Armstrong and AMOCA in setting up the rotating venue, and we have the support of the local community and civic leaders.

We in the colony would like to help put Watt’s best (webbed) foot forward towards our downtown revitalization efforts.

The DPOA (Downtown Pomona Owners Association) is having their board meeting on the fourth Thursday of January, where WATT will give a presentation on the plan for the fence surrounding the vacant lot.

It will be open to the public, and we encourage all interested parties to be in attendance.

Meeting Date: Thursday, Jan 22, 2009
5:30 P.M.

Meeting Location: California Bank and Trust
255 W. Mission Blvd., Pomona, CA 91766

Of course, I intend to voice my concerns about the vacant lot at the next City Council and Planning Commission meetings.

A. S. Ashley
PACA (Pomona Arts Colony Association) Chair

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snoop Doggy Dogg in the house in the Muda f-in House...

That’s right, Snoop Dogg along with Warren G, Suga Free, and Lady of Rage all rapped for us last night at the Glass House here in Pomona. It was so cool that these great artists played right in the heart of the Arts Colony. The show started off with a bang and continued to rock it all night, even Pomona PD was in the house enjoying the show and keeping point on the crowd.This didn't stop people blazin it up, I think the contact high got me in the gansta mood. The crowd was jumpin’ to many of the hits I’ve only heard on the radio. Snoop's performance was amazing, he had this gansta mic with "Snoop" spelled out in diamonds. He also invited Don the magic Juan who is a true live pimp all decked out like a leprechaun wearing a picture of himself. This night was also special because it was Susie’s son, Ian’s birthday present. He and his wife Cynthia were right up front and center and were able to take some great video of the performance.

“A great trip down memory lane of early 90’s hip hop, a gansta’s paradise. It would have been the entire death row crew if Dr. Dre was there.” said Ian Leiva. To my surprise, Ian knew to ask for the set list, and he got it. Here’s the proof.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bike Ride

Here is the new and final edit of Midnight Ridazz The Movie. Completed on March 01, 2007. There are currently two other versions out there. "The first one I completed is the 3 minute version for KCET which was edited in a few days". ...-Shawn Bannon
Our good friend Ed Giardina from "finishing school" asked if we would spread the word.....
Come ride with me on my birthday!
instazzzz or outstazzzzz???
People's Ride
Place: Meet at Rite Aid, Hollywood and Vermont
Time: 9:30pm
Ride: 10:00pm

There is plenty of street parking.
The People's Ride was designed for those who cannot make it to LA Critical Mass or want to continue to ride when LACM is over.
It is similar to Critical Mass in scope and ideology, but with more organization. A route will be determined and disseminated to the riders. Again this is a slower ride, not for messenger racers or speed demons, though they are encouraged to ride with us and cork intersections. The ride usually ends near the start point, close to a Metro Station or bus lines.
We aim to have fun while reminding the LA car culture that there is another alternative. This is a non-confrontational ride through traffic. Educate rather than aggravate. Tell drivers that they are welcome to join us on a bicycle.
We will do no physical or economic harm.
The California Vehicle code gives bicyclists all the rights and privileges of a motor vehicle. We aim to exert our rights.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A night of coal and switches

Hey guys!
With Christmas being next week and all, the dA is having their CLOSING RECEPTION this SATURDAY!
It's going to be a crazy party with special musical guests!

Rhino Records & KSPC Presents
Lux Nova Umbra Est
We'll be rockin' the house! C'mon down!
A night of coal and switches

A Winter Solstice Celebration
Doors open at 7pm, Music starts at 9pm
The dA Center for the Arts
252-D South Main Street
Pomona, CA 91766-1630
Tel: 909.397.9716
Fax: 909.629.8697

photos from last week
courtesy of Lee Tintary

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Year's Eve Party at Casablanca

Our friends from Casablanca Mediterranean Bar and Grill in Claremont
Who also own Aladdin Jr.( which I blogged about a week ago) http://pomonaartscolony.blogspot.com/2008/12/guess-whos-coming-to-dinner.html
are having a New Year's Eve Party and they asked us if we would spread the word.
This sounds like a great way to bring in the New Year!
The food here is EXCELLENT!
read about it in this article

here's the deal....



Monday, December 15, 2008

December Artwalk review

December proved to be a big and exciting art walk finishing off the year with a bang, or should I say burn. I was able to do the artwalk early and see most of the shows without the crowd blocking the art. There were a few notable events and that made this a special artwalk. To start, there were to "Impromptu" shows in some of the empty retail spaces. One was by Cal Poly student Alex who put together a benefit show with lots of student work and local artists work. He was able to raise over $500 for autism and Asperger's syndrome. The other show was titled "This Shit is Real" and featured art inspired by the famous Basquiat. There were murals with collage painted on the wall and also a dj playing for the crowd.

Down the street next door to Joey's BBQ, a new gallery opened. "Selkouth" is the creation of photographer Nate from Orange County. To our amazement, he was able to fix up the space, get some art together and open for the artwalk in a few days. Welcome to the neighborhood. Also new, "Gallery 375" had a soft opening featuring work of local artist and gallery owner, Jim. Watch out for their grand opening next month. Jim's gallery is located at 375 W. 2nd St. across from the billiards hall.

Back to mid town, Galeria Rustica on Thomas hosted a show curated by artist Oscar Magallanes. The theme here was "Revolution" and include work by Oscar, LA artist Germs a few other artists and 3 paintings by myself. Hint: look for the tanks.

A few blocks away, AMOCA hosted a chili cook-off which featured chili served in ceramic bowls donated by artists. I didn't make it to this one but heard it was a great fundraiser and good chance to purchase some art.

SCA Gallery in the basement had the work of painters Anna Friesen and Bob Pece. In the back of the gallery was also a fundraiser silent auction and small work exhibit. This help raise money for SCA who is planning to move upstairs to street level in the near future.

The dA Center for the Arts had one of their biggest shows of the year. "Quema del Diablo" was an event not to be missed. The gallery was lit up in red and featured "Devil" theme artwork. At one point, the patrons took to the streets following a hearse and people in costume holding devil sculptures. They made their way around the block and came to the front of the dA to start the bonfire. Paper mache sculptures were burnt as well as the crowd throwing their old credit cards and photos into the fire. I was able to throw in a few of my old drawings that needed to disappear.

On the home front, Bunny Gunner was showing the work of two of our friends and great artists, Clifford Matlock and Michael Aschenbrenner. Michael created close to one hundred ceramic styles that were hung in groups set next to Cliff's oil paitings of tea pots and Christmas ornaments. After enjoying the company of the late artwalk crowd, we headed over to the new Glass House bar that is now officially open for business and ended the night with a toast.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

After two years of being empty FINALLY we are going to have a new restaurant on the corner of
Second and Main St. 296 W. Second St. and not just any restaurant, but one of our favorites, Aladdin Jr.!
Awesome food, they are a perfect fit for Arts Colony.
There is a nice patio for dining and hookas...right next door to us ;-)
and they will stay open till 2:00 am ;-)
This is the best news I've heard in long time!
Pretty soon we won't even have to leave our neighborhood because we will have everything we need right here.
check out their website http://www.aladdinjrrestaurant.com/index.html

They're moving in already!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Karen Green Book Signing and Open Studio this Saturday@ Beautiful Crap in Claremont

Beautiful Crap and Spineless Books
invite you to an Open Studio and Book Signing for
an artist's book by Karen Green
published by Spineless Books
Eat. Drink. Stare. Meet the artist. And publisher.
Buy the book or the exclusive limited edition.
Support art. Push the ocean uphill.
Saturday, Dec.13 12:00-4:00 p.m.
Upstairs @ The Packing House
532 W. First Street #212
Claremont, Ca. 91711
Call 909.291.5685 for more information
Private viewing by appointment.

here/gone: AN ABC FLIP BOOK FOR GROWN UPS, by Karen Green is an invertible, constrained artist’s book comprising 52 mixed-media paintings. Zipping and unzipping the alphabet in a narrative of love and unlove, these phosphorescent compositions shed a dizzying, serenity-disrupting beauty. here/gone is a runner-up of the Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn Award for Best Book Length Work of Constrained English Literature (2004), as judged by Christian Bök, author of Eunoia.

"Karen's aesthetic observations are nothing less than infectious.
Her art has the ability to draw you into a world that only you thought was secret".
-A.S. Ashley

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finding Joy

This coming Thursday night is Finishing School's final event for their residency at MOCA. Come on out for the workshop and build some foxhole radios to take home. Better yet, call the Finding Joy Hotline and record yourself to become part of the project.

As the final event of their three-month Engagement Party residency, Finishing School presents Finding Joy, a public intervention taking place at MOCA Grand Avenue’s Sculpture Plaza, on Thursday, December 4, from 7 to 10pm. Engagement Party is the dynamic new initiative developed by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), to engage innovative Los Angeles–based artist collectives.
Intrigued by the military term “finding joy” (referring to the successful establishment of radio contact on the battlefield) Finishing School will lead a workshop in which participants will build small DIY radios that will be used to detect prerecorded transmissions located throughout the museum. To generate audio content, prior to the event Finishing School will interview members of the MOCA community about what brings them joy. The public is also welcome to share their thoughts by phone; to participate, please call the Finding Joy Hotline at 213/455-2926 and follow the instructions. Reception with cash bar to follow.

This event is FREE and open to the public. No reservations are required.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Tray Chic" at the dA this Saturday, November 22nd

This a great cause!

Our friends from the dA are having an event on Saturday and YOU should come!
This is perfect chance to pick up unique gifts for Christmas and support your local arts
while listening to some Jazz and enjoying a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Here's the deal,

Tray Chic
Serving up FUN & FUNDS
Event date: Saturday, November 22, 2008
Time: 6pm to 10pm
Location: The dA Center for the Arts, 252 S Main St., Pomona Arts Colony, CA 91766
The dA Center for the Arts is known for creative fundraising. There were the metal chairs, the bowling balls, the skulls, and now artists have taken cafeteria trays and transformed them for the "Tray Chic" silent auction fundraiser.
The event will take place this Saturday during the closing reception for the dA's current show, a remarkable art exhibit titled Popztlan. The dA has gained its reputation as a place where established contemporary artists such as Karl Benjamin and André Miripolsky, show alongside talented local and emerging artists. The Popztlan exhibit, featuring two paintings by Karl Benjamin, and a bridge that was once installed over the L.A. river, is truly a sensory adventure.

A preview of early Tray Chic submissions, indicates a range of concepts that are “off the hook” so to speak. Notable artists such as Michael Woodcock, Dan Van Klapp, Fr. Bill Moore, and Dee Marcellus Cole are contributing trays, our beloved First Street Gallery volunteers are in the mix, and a few new artists will be making their en-tray into the downtown art scene. The dA has a strong artist base and the support for this event has been enthusiastic.

Here's 2 trays made by Juan Thorp ( my sweetie)

Trays will be sold in an silent auction format, with proceeds going to support The dA’s mission. Bidding starts at 6pm, and closes at 8:45pm. Winning bidders can purchase and take their trays on the spot. Trays not sold during the silent auction will be available for purchase during the month of December.

For extra fun while deciding which tray to bid on, there will be a wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, the dA Martini Club will be recruiting new members, and a jazz trio to embellish the evening.

For more information
Contact Terry Castillo

This was in IE Weeky today

Getting Tray Chic
in Pomona, Saturday November 22
By: Stacy Davies

While eating cafeteria-style food is not one of those dining experiences we ever intentionally seek out (you’ve been on the road three hours, you’re starving, and there’s a Sizzler—what you gonna do?), we do have our radar scoped out for people who get all creative with mundane, functional items and make them kitschier than they already were. In fact, we live for it. Lucky for us, the dA Center is holding a fundraiser for itself this weekend, and doing exactly that—offering up cafeteria trays transformed by local artists such as Michael Woodcock, Dan Van Klapp, Fr. Bill Moore, Dee Marcellus Cole and more, and peddling them at a silent auction to keep the dA thriving. Funkiness for a good cause? We’ll take two helpings, please. The event takes place at the closing reception of the dA’s current exhibition, Popztlan a “truly sensory adventure” that among other things features a bridge that was once installed over the LA River. There’ll also be hors d'oeuvres, wine tasting, and a jazz band to keep you greased and groovy. So unhinge your wallet and check out this worthwhile event—remember, you have holiday shopping to do, and nothing says “I love you” more than molded sheets of plastic and fiberglass embellished with a Venusian pin-up girl with missile-tipped ta tas. I can now check grammy off my list. (Stacy Davies)

Tray Chic fundraiser at dA Center for the Arts, 252 S. Main St., Pomona Arts Colony, (909) 397-9716; www.dacenter.org. Sat., Nov. 22, 6PM–10PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Secret Glass House Bar Opening

Finally, after 2 and a half years of waiting, the Glass House Bar is ready to open. Earlier today, Saturday November 15, we got an anonymous tip that the bar was going to have a private opening. Well, we took it slow and waited to go see for ourselves until after dinner at Pho Vi and a drink at DBA. The buzz was out, several people where already reporting that it was the spot of the night and it was packed. Just like the streets were during a random Saturday night. It seemed Pomona was the place to be. Was it the fires keeping everyone local? Or keeping everyone away from the OC? Well, just to name a few, The Globe, Pho Vi, Casa Jimenez, Joey's BBQ, and DBA, Sakura Ichi, all reported big crowds. Back to the new bar, we entered passing a curious guard holding a digital ID reading machine. This should of been a tip-off for the future/high-tech, sleek feel the bar entails. What a crowd, we immediately saw our friend Jaclyn bartending and ordered our two Stellas. We then proceeded deeper into the bar and discovered a whole group of our local colonists were already holding a beautifully sculpted glass and wood table for all of us.

By the way, Perry (owner and creator of this living sculpture) was there to greet us and welcome us to his latest creation. He is seen here with our friend Christina who is also the manager for the Glass House Record Store next door.

Looking around you can't help but notice the Future/Retro/Minimal feel of the decor. The tables, benches, chairs, ceiling, windows, bar, and everything else is custom made of mostly welded steel and glass. We know "Malibu" Jim Arneson had a lot to do with this, being the lead sculptor, he also created the Huge Metal "Wing" above the bar and the giant steel apendage protruding from inside and extending out over the front of the building.

Oh Yeah, and I can't forget Tom Pathe's huge painting of a TV color test bar hung solo on the west wall. It is illuminated by two massive lights giving it a glowing presence which makes the room complete.

Well, needless to say, this place is an instant hit. With a full bar and great atmosphere, it will be a definite stopping point for all those crazy people looking for a good place to drink. This said, it adds another peg to our booming Downtown Pomona night life and music culture. Bravo Perry, we love it and can't wait to come back.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Artwalk in Downtown Pomona

It was 2nd Saturday again and it was a good one. I was able to sneak out of Bunny Gunner and do some of the artwalk. First stop was a Cal Poly student show at the old Progression Space. Cal Poly and other students regularly put these quick one night shows up in some of the empty retail spaces in the arts colony. We thank Jeved for this as they are very supportive of the arts. Well, on to the art, the students put together a really nice painting show with lots of different styles and subject matter. After this show I headed around the corner to SCA. Our friends Cheryl Bookout, Randy Au, Mary Dessert, and Patt Buchanan had a beautiful show with paintings and sculpture. I most liked the way the show was presented with art from all the artist mixed together throughout the exhibition space. Next door was the Latino Art Museum, I made a quick run through here saying hello to our friend, the director, Graciela Nardi. She sent me off with some of her delicious home made empanadas. The art was one artist who's work is very fiery mix of abstract and geometric painting. Headed back upstairs and past Pho Vi, who was jammed with lots of hungry artwalk patrons. I love how Pho Vi opens their large doors and gives the restaurant an outdoor porch feel (by the way, they're finally serving beer now). Do you know "The Po"? Its the little tiny space outside DBA. Its a tiny room with 4 large windows making it an ideal installation space to show art for people walking by. This time they had the work of Martin Gantman, "Oedipus Rehung". The artist mixed a variety of famous paintings and photographs and then encircled them in a neon heart. On to DBA, we walked in and said or hellos to Ron Faris, owner of the Bar/Gallery. This current show is made up of amazing photorealistic paintings of various people in everyday situations by artists Alyssa Monks. Most notable are the paintings above the couch area of a female figure who appears to be covered in water. The artists ability to create the illusion of wetness using a paint palette-like technique was what impressed me most. Just next door at the dA was my favorite exhibition of the night (besides Joel's of course). Rolo Castillo curated "Poptzlan" which is what the name suggests, an explosion of Pop art and just over the top exhibition design. There was a giant steel bridge erected in the middle of the gallery taking up and framing the entire show. Karl Benjamin's massive paintings, wow, and right next to two awesome paintings by Robert Reynolds really made this a top notch show. The show stealing works were two gigantic portrait paintings on the north wall. They are very bright and colorful faces accented with a hint of geometric line work. The show that doesn't stop, Popztlan also opened the basement and had a band playing and 3 projections in the new basement lounge. I came back rounding the block to listen a bit to the bands playing outside of Ink'd Chronicles. They have a tattoo inspired art show that is also a cancer awareness benefit. Buzzing away, the tattoo artist were inking people up to the sound of the bands and the decor of dozens of great pieces of art. Back home at Bunny Gunner, we are exhibiting a show by our beloved friend, Joel Heflin. He created giant flannel grams of apocalyptic-like events. These pieces are funny, they have child-like cut out felt monsters being bombarded by angels and jet planes. We even got to make t-shirts from some of the left over cutouts. Joel is member of the art collective Finishing School and has a great bunch of friends who all came together to support him. Joel even had a visit from the folks from MOCA!. We ate a delicious meal cooked by in home traveling Gourmet Chef and our friend, April Boyer who's company is called " The Modern Gourmet". This was the most amazing meal! April spoiled 20 of us. She came in at about 1:00 and started cooking her heart out. Dinner was ready at 4:30 starting out with Appetizers : Proscuitto-Wrapped Shrimp and Bruscetta. Then for the main course; Ceasar Salad
Chilled Penne with Chicken, Pesto and Pine Nuts, Meatball Lasagna, Brocolli Rabe with Garlic and Romano Cheese and Tiramisu for dessert. Unbelievable! I highly recommend April, this was a real treat! We haven't felt pampered like that in years! She does everything from doing all the shopping , bringing all the platters and bowls to cleaning up after the meal...she does everything and at a great price! I'm telling you, that was the best Lasagna I have ever eaten! Everything was so delicious and we even had leftovers for today;-) Thank you April! We love you!

Well, that was our weekend here in the Colony, I hope that you enjoy the slideshow and we invite you to join us on the second Saturday of every month to celebrate the arts and entertainment, right here in downtown Pomona.
-Juan and Susie

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Pharma Drug Run

Our friends from Finishing School 
are returning to MOCA for their second performance.

THIS THURSDAY: Little Pharma Drug Run

THURSDAY, NOV 6, 7–10pm
MOCA Grand Avenue
Sculpture Plaza

7pm Meet at MOCA for costume-making and screening of Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs

8:30pm Ride leaves from MOCA (route TBA at event)

10pm Reception at Fringe Exhibitions (504 Chung King Court, Chinatown)

Starting at MOCA, participants will first meet for a costume-making workshop and other activities. Dressed as their favorite pharmaceuticals, they will then embark on a group tour of the late-night drugstores of downtown Los Angeles. The event will culminate at Fringe Exhibitions in Chinatown, which will be hosting an incarnation of Finishing School’s Little Pharma, an interdisciplinary project investigating alternative medicines and lifestyles as viable antidotes to some of the drug industry’s pathologies. Little Pharma is on view at
Fringe Exhibitions from October 11 through November 8.

Finishing School and MOCA will not be providing bicycles, so please bring your own.

If you're not familiar with Finishing School, check out last month's performance, it was great!

Joel Heflin from Finishing School will also be showing new works at Bunny Gunner this Saturday November 8th,  "The New Deluge""
Come on out and join us for the second  Saturday artwalk...it's gonna be a doozie!
check out the Pomona arts colony website for exhibitions,  just click on the galleries for details.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night in the Colony

Downtown was hopping last night and all the local bars were full of folks from all over having a good time.
We want to share some photos with you all of some very creative and funny costumes.
Oh, and my beautiful Granddaughter, Sophia.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pomona's art colonist plays ball

Last night was a great success! Thank you Darlene DeAngelo for curating this awesome show. The art is amazing! We had so much fun....Whiffle ball, hotdogs, cotton candy, mini tacos, peanuts and cracker jacks and of course, beer.
Every little detail was thought out, right down to the baseball trading cards, which was a great way to meet the artist....Brilliant!
If you didn't make it out to the Huntington Beach Art Center last night, there's still time, the show is up till December 21st.
here's a little slideshow of some highlights from the opening last night....enjoy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

2332 Baseball Art show in Huntington Beach

Hey, just wanted to invite everyone to a cool art show this Friday the 17th. It is a baseball theme show and I have some paintings in it along with art by Michael Woodcock, Dean De Cocker, Jimi Gleason and five other artists, some of which have shown in the arts colony in the past.
We're going to play a game of whiffle ball at 5 pm, artists vs staff and writers. Lots of hot dogs, nachos and other baseball food and beer to enjoy. Pick up an invitation at Bunny Gunner this week that includes a trading card featuring one of the 9 artists. 


Exhibition Dates: Saturday, October 18, 2008 - Sunday, December 21, 2008 
Opening Reception: October 17, 2008, 7-9pm 
Huntington Beach Art Center 
538 Main Street, Huntington Beach CA 
(714) 374-1650 


A contemporary group art exhibition demonstrating the correlation between art and baseball through the work of nine players and their new work.

Stadium fare, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

This one's for you Disneyland

Best Art Gallery Associated with Non-Violent Animals

Bunny Gunner

By: Kevin Ausmus

In the ‘70s a movie called Night of the Lepus found mutant rabbits terrorizing the likes of post-Star Trekkie “Bones” McCoy and has since become a cult classic. Taking the theme one step further Bunny Gunner proprietors Juan Thorp and Susie Eaton provide art services, custom framing and occasionally home-baked sweets against the backdrop of a machine gun wielding fluffy bunny in no mood to argue. We can’t say what you’re going to see, but we took that to mean either buy a piece of art or prepare to get blasted. (Kevin Ausmus)
Bunny Gunner, 266 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 868-2808

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Bunnies with Guns at The Happiest Place on Earth

So, I get a phone call today from one of my most loyal customers, 20 years to be exact, telling me that she is at Disneyland and was having a little trouble.
This woman is very conservative... she's a stitcher and wins awards every year at the LA county fair for her beautiful work. Her name is Pauline Yawitz and I'm going to let her tell you her story.

My name is Pauline and I think Disneyland has a big problem! Because of this cute t-shirt from Bunny Gunner, I was almost not allowed into the park today. It seems at the gate where your bags are checked, the girl didn't like the shirt. She said that it was "inappropriate" to wear into the park and I should think twice before wearing it there again. I think she thought that the bunny would jump off the shirt and start shooting. Well, as you can see I was able to get in the park anyway. Bunny Gunner Fans, I think that we should rally around the shirt and our friends Susie and Juan and wear the shirt together on the same day and really let them know what we think!

Thank you Pauline, You're the best! Some people just don't get it, But those who do, know what's up.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Envisioning the Future Mural dedication

Pomona Envisions the Future mural at Thomas Plaza was finally finished and was being given a plaque of attribution to the artists that worked so very hard to create this amazing work of art. Our Honorable Mayor, Norma Torres, presented certificates of appreciation to the artists and a bronze plaque with a description of the mural and the artist's names was unveiled. There was a light rain and it felt like a gift from the Goddess herself.

Then there was the party. Participating artists from the project "Envisioning the Future" that took place in downtown Pomona 2003 - 2004 started arriving at Bunny Gunner around 4:00 p.m. These artists came from all over Southern California to reunite for a 5-year reunion...painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists, writers, performance artists, installation artists and the mural artists. We had a champagne toast to the mural and wonderful memories of an ambitious project in a town that provided endless possibilities. Five years ago we were strangers and now we have a bond that will last forever. Our hosts, Susie and Juan, made us feel like we had come home for a holiday party.

At 6:00 p.m. we moved to dba256 for good cheer, food, and a conversation with Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman. The running theme for conversation was the great memories the artists had of a community that embraced them and their work during their year as guests in the Pomona Arts Colony. Many of them had not been back since the two months of presentations in twelve venues, January - February 2004. The accomplishments of the artists that participated in ETF are most impressive and they credit their experience in our community for contributing to their success.

As the originator and coordinator of the community-based project, Envisioning the Future, and now the 5-year reunion, I could not be happier or prouder of our Pomona Arts Colony.

-Cheryl Bookout

Cheryl, we could not be prouder of you, You haven given years of your life to this project...We love you!

Kevin, you and your team are amazing! This is the most beautiful mural I have ever seen.

New York Delight, the food was DELICIOUS!

dba256 Gallery Wine bar....Great place to have a party!

I'm also very proud of our community, again! We have something so special here and It felt good hearing

this from our visitors and seeing our town through the eyes of our guest...They were very impressed with all that we have here.

-Susie and Juan

Revisiting Pollock

Last week I had the pleasure and honor of making the frames for the Jackson Pollock exhibit at Azusa Pacific University . Here are a few photos, via Jim Daichendt, who is a professor of art history and exhibitions director at APU. The exhibit will be up for one more week, so check it out .

Here's some info about the exhibit :

On October 4-11, Azusa Pacific University hosts an art exhibit featuring a collection of paintings attributed to renowned modern artist Jackson Pollock. Owner Erich Neumeth obtained the collection more than 40 years ago, but has never exhibited these paintings―until now. They have sparked discussions over authenticity from artists and collectors alike. The October exhibit will center on Pollock’s style and technique and allow the audience to engage in the work and decide for themselves.

In a university setting, this process of visually engaging with works of art enhances the theoretical and practical instruction within the classroom setting. The opportunity to view works attributed to an artist of Pollock’s stature intensifies the richness of the dialog students and guests experience in our galleries. We hope you will benefit from this experience and gain deeper understanding and appreciation for Pollock’s work.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finishing School at MOCA last night

Executive Order Karaoke by Finishing School | MOCA Engagement Party from MOCA on Vimeo.

photos: James with security
next photo from left: Jason Plapp, Joel Heflin. Ed Giardina, Tammy Tomahawk, James Rojsirivat and Brian Boyer
Our Good friend Franz Keller singing very well!
Bottom: Joel Heflin and Ed Giardina
video of very cute couple singing

Last night a few of us Colonist headed out to MOCA to show some support for our friends form the art collective,
 "Finishing School".
Several of the members frequent our Artwalk and  have shown in our galleries here in Pomona. Joel Heflin will be showing a Bunny Gunner in November. Ed Giardina and Brian Boyer were two of the first artist to show at SCA Project Gallery when they opened in 1999. Well, needless to say, Cheryl Bookout the director of SCA and myself are very proud of these guys that we've known since our days in Santa Ana. Joel and I were framing together in the artist village and Ed had one of the coolest galleries in town, EGCA,  which later hooked up with Max Presneill and moved to The Brewery and joined Raid projects.
The "Boys" as they called themselves back then formed an art collective,
Finishing School,  which is a collective identity that explores art, design and technology that intersects praxis, play and activism.
Finishing School has been invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) to be the inaugural participant in Engagement Party.

Engagement Party is a dynamic new initiative developed to engage innovative Los Angeles-based artist collectives. Over a three-year period beginning in October 2008, selected groups will participate in three-month residencies during which they will present a public program at MOCA Grand Avenue on the first Thursday of each month from 7 to 10pm. The goal of Engagement Party is to involve new artists and new audiences while reiterating MOCA's commitment to imaginative critical analyses of contemporary art in Los Angeles. Made possible by a major Artistic Innovation Fund grant from The James Irvine Foundation, MOCA's Engagement Party will host 12 artist collectives over the next three years.

Here's what Mat Gleason of Coagula had to say about our friends:
 The artist collective “Finishing School” has taken up a residency at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (L.A. MOCA). What that means is that MOCA is too ossified and insular to know what the fuck is going on and finally realize that simply asking Paul McCarthy and Chris Burden for new ways to stroke Paul Schimmel’s ego by adding their friends, lovers and former students to the permanent collection isn’t getting the museum anywhere. If the piece of rat shit that is the Martin Kippenberger retrospective currently on view at their Grand Avenue building is any indicator, old curator Anne Goldstein is even more out of touch with anything that has a pulse in regards to art.

So to happily mix metaphors, the new blood is a breath of fresh air at the cathedral of those old farts. Finishing School’s first project was entitled EXECUTIVE ORDER KARAOKE. The piece was to stage a participatory event outside in MOCA’s sculpture plaza. They set up a karaoke machine with familiar songs (Like a VirginI Will Survive) and had people sign up to sing on stage, where behind them was projected images of George W. Bush. The participants were then to sing along to the familiar tunes, but the “lyrics” were word-for-word Executive Orders of the Bush Administration. From topics as diverse as terrorism to Trout preservation, the participants tried to articulate the bureaucratic machinations of power in familiar melodies, to absolutely comical, pointed results. The members of the Finishing School Collective were dressed as referees and happily judged the efforts by the participating gallery-goers.

Art is charged to engage the public, the world is begging for meaningful political art that does not pander, preach or submit to illustrate the whims of a manipulative force. Art that is not fun is inevitably going to be ignored. Finishing School has solved so many problems embedded in contemporary art with one great night out on the town. It was absolutely shocking that MOCA would have such an event, vitality and current-ness being the last thing on the aging pink whale’s mind. ON a night with the political debates and a Dodger playoff game, a huge crowd turned out to enjoy art that involved, critiqued, satirized and hit home. It seemed so simple, but it took 22 years of boring MOCA shows to arrive at the point where the light bulb finally went off over someone’s head that nobody was buying the bullshit printed on the stupid wall labels rationalizing the egomania and insider status of assholes like Kippenberger as worthy of examination by the art audience.

-Mat Gleason

Next performance will be:

November 6  7:00-1o:00

Little Pharma Drug Run

(drug) cocktail party

Starting at MOCA, participants will first meet for a costume-making workshop and other activities. Dressed as their favorite pharmaceuticals, they will then embark on a group tour of the late-night drugstores of downtown Los Angeles. The event will culminate at Fringe Exhibitions in Chinatown, which will be hosting an incarnation of Finishing School’s Little Pharma, an interdisciplinary project investigating alternative medicines and lifestyles as viable antidotes to some of the drug industry’s pathologies. Little Pharma is on view at Fringe Exhibitions from October 11 - November 8.