Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Bunnies with Guns at The Happiest Place on Earth

So, I get a phone call today from one of my most loyal customers, 20 years to be exact, telling me that she is at Disneyland and was having a little trouble.
This woman is very conservative... she's a stitcher and wins awards every year at the LA county fair for her beautiful work. Her name is Pauline Yawitz and I'm going to let her tell you her story.

My name is Pauline and I think Disneyland has a big problem! Because of this cute t-shirt from Bunny Gunner, I was almost not allowed into the park today. It seems at the gate where your bags are checked, the girl didn't like the shirt. She said that it was "inappropriate" to wear into the park and I should think twice before wearing it there again. I think she thought that the bunny would jump off the shirt and start shooting. Well, as you can see I was able to get in the park anyway. Bunny Gunner Fans, I think that we should rally around the shirt and our friends Susie and Juan and wear the shirt together on the same day and really let them know what we think!

Thank you Pauline, You're the best! Some people just don't get it, But those who do, know what's up.



tibbi said...

very cool, and thanks again for the stickers

just so you know, I am at 576 as of this minute...

thanks Rothman- you've put me on the map

Anduhrew said...

Disneyland... It does have major problems. In doing som research on "the House of the Future" I found out that Disneyland and Monsanto teamed up to make their house of the future, mostly made up of plastics and other non renewable resources. And we all know (at least I hope we do) how evil Monsanto.