Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Saturday, 2nd Metro Night Out

Have you been to one of the last Saturdays? Well, there's lots more to do now. January was the first "Metro Night Out", which is like your typical gallery 2nd opening but with a few added features. The DPOA has brought the farmer's market, usually held on Wednesdays, to the Artwark and Last Saturday. This includes live music, fresh vegetables and fruit, gifts, info booths, food and other fun stuff. Also included in January was a car show. Several clubs brought out their shiny low-ridin tricked out cars for all of us to enjoy.
February's "Metro Night Out" promises to be just as exciting. People are catching on that it's a better night to see the art when 2nd Saturday might be too crowded or just to crazy to talk to anyone. We know that all too well here at Bunny Gunner.
I don't remember talking to anyone, so if I didn't say hello, stop by this Saturday and we can all get a chance to chill out. Remember it is "All U Can Eat" our biggest show of the year, we sold over 200 pieces, but there's still lots of great finds to choose from and some of the artists have replenished their stock. So if it was too crowded to see the art, or you just didn't make it to Pomona, this Saturday is a great chance to see art, do the walk, get some veggies, listen to the band and have a good time.
To find out who's and what's showing at the galleries go to 
for the times and listings.
All You Can Eat
At Bunny Gunner, Thru March 11
By: Stacy Davies

One of the feelings a great art show always elicits is a yearning for more art: sometimes the show is so wonderful that you just can’t get enough, other times, you just haven’t found that one piece to connect with—and looking for art that speaks to us is why most of us go to see art shows in the first place.

Susie and Juan have taken care of all of the above for you in their new buffet-styled show, a free-for-all of over 100 pieces that cover every wall and fill every corner in their petite gallery. The guidelines were basic—no theme, each piece must be 5x7 or smaller, and each artist could submit up to ten pieces—and the result is truly an artistic smorgasbord of color, shape and content of everything from Shag-styled bikini babes and wistful desert scenes to ceramic tiles and construction paper.

Manuel Ortega’s dual Mickey Mouse wood panels strip away the warm and fuzzy Steamboat Willie fa├žade and give us a somewhat possessed and possibly anarchist rodent instead. Amy Bystedt offers up five funky “Polaroid” pictures of vintage suitcases photographed in random landscapes—under a bridge, on a grassy knoll, on a city street—as if the poor little luggage has lost its way, or perhaps has finally decided to travel alone (no more waiting in the hotel room for some dreary human!). Photography artists Leslie Brown and Sally Egan also go retro—Brown with a series of colored pencil treated pics of rockabilly chicks at a salon, heads under hairdryers and gossip flowing like beer, and Egan with a hilarious set of “JC Penny Portrait Studio”-type shots, you know, the kind that have both a frontal smiling face shot and a three-fourths pensive one superimposed up in the corner? Except that Egan put her three-fourths shots in sparkly orange wine glasses adding yet another layer of comedic kitsch.

Other notable pieces include Sarah Riedel’s four-toned cutouts of an angst-ridden woman, Finishing School’s black ski mask mini-mobiles (doesn’t everyone need a terrorist dangling from their rearview mirror?) and Peter Owens architectural graphite and blocked color drawings of industrial landscape and buildings. There really is something for everyone in this show—and a great overall collection of interesting and thought-provoking pieces. There’s also some high-calorie gluttonous fun, and what else would you expect with a title like this? (Stacy Davies)

All You Can Eat at Bunny Gunner, 266 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 868-2808; Open Tues.–Sat., 10AM–7PM. Thru March 11. Free
As an extra bonus you get a tour of the Arts Colony with these Lovely Ladies ( The Red Cup Society) I'm a member,  but will be holding post at Bunny Gunner. Just meet at the dA at 7:00 PM on Saturday and soon after that the tour begins....I guarantee you will have a blast!
The Red Show
Closing Reception: February 28, 2009 6-10pm
Exhibition Location: The dA Center for the Arts, 252-D South Main Street
Pomona, CA 91766. 909.397.9716 The Pomona Arts Colony.

The Red Show
At the dA Center, Thru February 28
By: Stacy Davies

The dA curator, Rolo Castillo, is a real anarchist. He doesn’t give a hoot about writing long, curatorial dissertations on why he’s put together a project, and really, I give him props for it. It does lend itself to a hodgepodge, anything-goes-mentality, but sometimes that can be refreshing, and Castillo certainly has a keen eye for art that works.

This weekend, on lovey-dovey V-Day, he’s put together everything red. Doesn’t have to mean Valentines, of course, there are other forms of red—some people might be engaged in bloody couple squabbling and single types may be tossing back too much pinot in hopes of snagging a midnight shag. Whatever your motive and agenda, The Red Show will certainly give you something to think about—and might even be a hotspot for acquiring a spindly or Rubenesque pickup.

Castillo’s piece, as usual, is a riot. In the large-scale Church Fight two multi-colored birds wearing rubber rooster caps square off in front of a house of worship. Each bird has a word bubble that reads “tomato.” One of the fowls is most likely pronouncing it toe-mah-toe, you see. And they’re fighting—two cocks in front of a church, about something petty. Love it.

Other works of note include Mark Lindley’s Deja Rouge—a canvas of layer upon layer of chunky red tones—and Eric Ward’s molten lava-y Rupture, a fiery piece of Plexiglas with protruding piles of pseudo-magma. Thomas Stubbi’s culty bizarre Dogma Eat Dogma in which a group of hooded pagans worship a red Fu Dog and giant banana split will no doubt keep your internal conversation pleasantly befuddled. CM Venice McCurdy’s vintage red book impaled with nails that spell out “read” and A.S. Ashley’s clever, goopy-red mouse trap Missed You Again are small treasures that are just too clever. Perhaps most intriguing pieces, however, are Richard May’s dual men’s room doors covered with repetitive stenciled text: “be a man”; each door is also painted up with a figure of Iron Man and Superman, as well as collaged clippings of a lynching, a black boy in tears, the Lone Ranger, Tarzan, and signs that read “thou shalt not cry” and “thou shalt not display weakness.” Harsh, jacked up, and fantastic—just what you need on such a sentimental day. (Stacy Davies)

The Red Show at the dA Center for the Arts, 252 S. Main St., Pomona Arts Colony, Pomona, (909) 397-9716; Thru Feb 28. Free

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tonight in Pomona

This Saturday, February 21, 5-10pm

works by
at the new

213 E Holt Ave. Pomona
one block east of Garey, sharing the corner with the American Legion

5IFTYBUCKS GALLERY is in an 1950's car dealership structure brought back to life at the end of 2008 by Rolo Castillo and his phantom crew.

The American Legion has their famous steak dinner for $8.00 served from 5:30 to 7:30pm.
(They also offer chicken and a vegetarian plate.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Show at The Claremont Museum of Art

Juan painting his mural for The Claremont Museum of Art....still a little ways to go!



Accompanying James Hueter: A Retrospective
Citrus Processor by Juan Thorp
Part of OUTSOURCE: The CMA Public Panel
Located in the eastern end of the Packing House courtyard, the Museum’s newest public initiative invites artists to create sight-specific outdoor installations. Pomona-based Juan Thorp created a new painting on canvas for the space, titled Citrus Processor. Furthering the artist's investigative imagery of deconstructed machinery, this work references the history of the Museum’s home, The Packing House, and the City of Claremont's unique association with the citrus industry.

James Hueter: A Retrospective
February 22 – May 3, 2009
Opening reception Saturday, February 21, 2009, 7 p.m.
This retrospective exhibition chronicles the work of James Hueter, one of our region’s most dedicated artists and best-kept secrets. Hueter epitomizes a generation of artists who established their reputations in Claremont following World War II and contributed importantly to the creation of the art-rich environment we enjoy today. A 1948 graduate of Pomona College and 1951 recipient of a Masters Degree from the Claremont Graduate School, Hueter has enjoyed a career that spans 60 years and continues to be as productive as ever.

James Hueter: A Retrospective surveys Hueter’s art from his early realist and surrealist paintings, through a long period of investigating and refining hybrid forms of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and architecture. The exhibition culminates with recent works that meld all of these disciplines, exploring multi-faceted realms of representation and illusion. With more than 75 works on view, new generations will discover an artist of diligent devotion to a vision sustained through decades of experimentation, refinement, and perseverance.

This is the first such exhibition to examine the entire range of James Hueter’s unique artistic vision, realizing a core mission of the Claremont Museum of Art to celebrate the region’s rich artistic heritage through in-depth exhibitions of its most prominent local heroes.

James Hueter: A Retrospective is generously sponsored by Gould Asset Management LLC of Claremont, CA.

Additional support for this exhibition has been provided by Dr. Janet Myhre, Mathematical Research Analysis Corporation,
Schenck & Schenck Photography, Bunny Gunner Art Services, and Swan Graphics.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pomona Art walk review

Wow! what a great art walk! every venue was hopping.
Thank you all for coming out and being a part of the excitement!
We haven't quite recovered yet but here are some pictures.
You know what they say "a picture speaks a thousand words"


Friday, February 13, 2009

Come join us for Valentine's Day

The best thing happening on Valentine's day is the Pomona Art Walk. Bring your date and enjoy the art, dining and atmosphere the Pomona Arts Colony has to offer. If you don't have a date, find one, or enjoy some of the "Anti-Valentines" day shows at some of the galleries. We have some awesome shows lined up for your enjoyment, just check the venues

We here at Bunny Gunner would like to invite you to ALL U CAN EAT.

All U Can Eat 2009 is our show that is not to be missed.
This will be our 4th annual show featuring the work of over
90 artists and close to 500 pieces of art. All the work in it
is 5" x 7" or smaller and the average price is around $50.
If you remember the past shows, the stuff flies off the wall,

Don't miss this chance to collect work from your favorite artists.

The dA Center for the Arts will have its annual opening for The Red Show a.k.a. Simply Red. The Red Show is an open call exhibition that's focus is on any artwork that contains or represents the color red. The color red is one of the most representational, symbolic and vibrant colors in the spectrum. Its presence alone commands the attention of the eye. Its uses range from representing love, anger, passion, decadence and pain. This dynamic color will surely inspire artists to create work that astounds us all.

However, The Red Show does not celebrate only the color red, it is also an eagerly anticipated highlight event for The dA Center for Arts. Running annually for the last 21 years, the show has become a staple in the community, one which people prepare for all year. At The dA itself, The Red Show has become a grounding tradition, anchoring itself in the community as a reliable idea with unexpected results. The Red Show acts as a beacon of crimson for local artists, fresh new artist, and Pomona Arts Colony patrons. Everyone is always welcome at The Red Show.

At SCA Gallery it's the


Art Exhibition at SCA Project Gallery -101
Blue painting, photography, drawing, mixed-media, sculpture,
ceramics, video installation

Opening Reception, Saturday, February 14, 2009 6 - 9 pm
Concurrent with 2nd Saturday Pomona Art Walk

as the nearby dA Center has their annual RED SHOW,
we have the BLUES

Visit our new STREET LEVEL GALLERY #101,
Founders' Building 281 S. Thomas Street, Pomona

BLUE is the color of COOL, the color of CALM, the color of TRUE
BLUE is an OCEAN, or a NOTE, or a MOOD

Aladdin having a Reception & Sneek Peek
Come taste samples of traditional Mediterranean food during the Second Saturday ArtWalk.

Farmer's Market and so sooo much more!!!!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Claremont Forum Gallery

This one is for our good friends over at the Packing House in Claremont.
Claremont has their ArtWalk on the 1st Friday of every month.
It's really cool! Lots of art venues, especially in the Packing House.
There's The Claremont Museum of Art
Beautiful Crap with art from the very talented Karen Green
Amber Noland + Link Contemporary Art Presents:
Thomas Stubbs  has some paintings in Replay, Thomas is also the featured artist on the Metro Pomona website,
He is an amazing painter!

The Claremont Forum Gallery
paintings and drawings by Warren Travis
opening reception:
Friday Evening, February 6, 2009
@6:00 p.m.

located at:
586 West First Street
phone: 909-626-3066

Warren Travis
B.F.A. University of Texas l954
M.F.A. Stanford University l967
California College of Arts and Crafts
Warren has designed costumes and in some instances scenery for over l50 productions on the West Coast. Professional work with Berkeley Repertory Theatre, California Shakespeare Festival, American Conservatory, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, CPA, Mark Taper Forum and San Francisco Ballet.

Since his retirement from the University of California he has studied figure drawing and painting at The California College of Arts and Crafts under Tom Watts, Claire Brees and Melisse Herman.

Designs for the Department of Dramatic Art, University of California at Berkeley's Production of War of the Roses were exhibited on slides in the Prague Quadriennale.

The Theater Internationale Exhibition in Novi Sad Yugoslavia and Prague featured his designs for Judevine Vt. which he designed for ACT.

The Los Angeles Theatre Critics Award for Designs at the Mark Taper Forum.

The Bay Area Theatre Critics Award for his work with California Shakespeare Festival. Designs for King Lear, Merchant of Venice, As You Like It, Richard II. Pericles Prince of Tyre.

West Coast Dramalogue Award for Lady's Not For Burning by Christopher Fry at American Conservatory Theatre and Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare at Ashland Shakespeare Festival.

Designs for San Francisco Ballet's Badinage with music by Stravinsky opened in the San Franciso Opera House and went on the European Tour with that company in l979.

Scene Design USA exhibition at Lincoln Center in New York City in l979. The designs featured were for Cyrano De Bergerac, designed for the Department of Dramatic Art in Zellerbach Playhouse in Berkeley, CA.

Warren Travis is a retired Professor Emeritus from Department of Drama, University of California at Berkeley where he taught Costume Design and Costume History and instituted The Costume Study Collection and Undergraduate Minor in Costume.

l997: Visiting Artist in Residence at Stanford University. Taught Design for Directors and designed costumes for Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, which reopened the recently remodeled and refurbished Memorial Theatre at Stanford.

Studied drawing at Cluny Museum- Paris, France.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jeff Soto at The Riverside Art Museum

Have you been to Riverside lately?
Well, if you're an artist or someone who really appreciates art,
you gotta get your butt down there.

The Riverside Art Museum is featuring a solo show of the works
of Jeff Soto: Turning in Circles. How is Jeff Soto, a world renowned artist, showing in Riverside you ask? Well, he's from there. Returning to his hometown to do an awesome show is really a treat for the rest of us who might not have a chance to see his work shown outside of California. Susie and I got to see it with an empty gallery, being able to enjoy each piece to it's fullest and spending plenty of time starring. The paintings have a wide variety of painterly brush work and rendered illustration mixed together.

The main wall is a huge installation painting where Soto painted on the wall and also attached wood discs with images on them.

Actually the pictures give you an idea, but you have to see the real thing for yourself.

A great time to go would be on this Thursday, February 5th, Soto will be there doing a book signing. It is also Riverside's art walk that is held every 1st Thursday from 6-9pm and a great time to see the other openings in the area. Thanks Jenelle Lowry for the Museum Passes and sharing this great exhibit with us.