Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jeff Soto at The Riverside Art Museum

Have you been to Riverside lately?
Well, if you're an artist or someone who really appreciates art,
you gotta get your butt down there.

The Riverside Art Museum is featuring a solo show of the works
of Jeff Soto: Turning in Circles. How is Jeff Soto, a world renowned artist, showing in Riverside you ask? Well, he's from there. Returning to his hometown to do an awesome show is really a treat for the rest of us who might not have a chance to see his work shown outside of California. Susie and I got to see it with an empty gallery, being able to enjoy each piece to it's fullest and spending plenty of time starring. The paintings have a wide variety of painterly brush work and rendered illustration mixed together.

The main wall is a huge installation painting where Soto painted on the wall and also attached wood discs with images on them.

Actually the pictures give you an idea, but you have to see the real thing for yourself.

A great time to go would be on this Thursday, February 5th, Soto will be there doing a book signing. It is also Riverside's art walk that is held every 1st Thursday from 6-9pm and a great time to see the other openings in the area. Thanks Jenelle Lowry for the Museum Passes and sharing this great exhibit with us.

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