Sunday, October 5, 2008

Envisioning the Future Mural dedication

Pomona Envisions the Future mural at Thomas Plaza was finally finished and was being given a plaque of attribution to the artists that worked so very hard to create this amazing work of art. Our Honorable Mayor, Norma Torres, presented certificates of appreciation to the artists and a bronze plaque with a description of the mural and the artist's names was unveiled. There was a light rain and it felt like a gift from the Goddess herself.

Then there was the party. Participating artists from the project "Envisioning the Future" that took place in downtown Pomona 2003 - 2004 started arriving at Bunny Gunner around 4:00 p.m. These artists came from all over Southern California to reunite for a 5-year reunion...painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists, writers, performance artists, installation artists and the mural artists. We had a champagne toast to the mural and wonderful memories of an ambitious project in a town that provided endless possibilities. Five years ago we were strangers and now we have a bond that will last forever. Our hosts, Susie and Juan, made us feel like we had come home for a holiday party.

At 6:00 p.m. we moved to dba256 for good cheer, food, and a conversation with Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman. The running theme for conversation was the great memories the artists had of a community that embraced them and their work during their year as guests in the Pomona Arts Colony. Many of them had not been back since the two months of presentations in twelve venues, January - February 2004. The accomplishments of the artists that participated in ETF are most impressive and they credit their experience in our community for contributing to their success.

As the originator and coordinator of the community-based project, Envisioning the Future, and now the 5-year reunion, I could not be happier or prouder of our Pomona Arts Colony.

-Cheryl Bookout

Cheryl, we could not be prouder of you, You haven given years of your life to this project...We love you!

Kevin, you and your team are amazing! This is the most beautiful mural I have ever seen.

New York Delight, the food was DELICIOUS!

dba256 Gallery Wine bar....Great place to have a party!

I'm also very proud of our community, again! We have something so special here and It felt good hearing

this from our visitors and seeing our town through the eyes of our guest...They were very impressed with all that we have here.

-Susie and Juan

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