Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Artwalk in Downtown Pomona

It was 2nd Saturday again and it was a good one. I was able to sneak out of Bunny Gunner and do some of the artwalk. First stop was a Cal Poly student show at the old Progression Space. Cal Poly and other students regularly put these quick one night shows up in some of the empty retail spaces in the arts colony. We thank Jeved for this as they are very supportive of the arts. Well, on to the art, the students put together a really nice painting show with lots of different styles and subject matter. After this show I headed around the corner to SCA. Our friends Cheryl Bookout, Randy Au, Mary Dessert, and Patt Buchanan had a beautiful show with paintings and sculpture. I most liked the way the show was presented with art from all the artist mixed together throughout the exhibition space. Next door was the Latino Art Museum, I made a quick run through here saying hello to our friend, the director, Graciela Nardi. She sent me off with some of her delicious home made empanadas. The art was one artist who's work is very fiery mix of abstract and geometric painting. Headed back upstairs and past Pho Vi, who was jammed with lots of hungry artwalk patrons. I love how Pho Vi opens their large doors and gives the restaurant an outdoor porch feel (by the way, they're finally serving beer now). Do you know "The Po"? Its the little tiny space outside DBA. Its a tiny room with 4 large windows making it an ideal installation space to show art for people walking by. This time they had the work of Martin Gantman, "Oedipus Rehung". The artist mixed a variety of famous paintings and photographs and then encircled them in a neon heart. On to DBA, we walked in and said or hellos to Ron Faris, owner of the Bar/Gallery. This current show is made up of amazing photorealistic paintings of various people in everyday situations by artists Alyssa Monks. Most notable are the paintings above the couch area of a female figure who appears to be covered in water. The artists ability to create the illusion of wetness using a paint palette-like technique was what impressed me most. Just next door at the dA was my favorite exhibition of the night (besides Joel's of course). Rolo Castillo curated "Poptzlan" which is what the name suggests, an explosion of Pop art and just over the top exhibition design. There was a giant steel bridge erected in the middle of the gallery taking up and framing the entire show. Karl Benjamin's massive paintings, wow, and right next to two awesome paintings by Robert Reynolds really made this a top notch show. The show stealing works were two gigantic portrait paintings on the north wall. They are very bright and colorful faces accented with a hint of geometric line work. The show that doesn't stop, Popztlan also opened the basement and had a band playing and 3 projections in the new basement lounge. I came back rounding the block to listen a bit to the bands playing outside of Ink'd Chronicles. They have a tattoo inspired art show that is also a cancer awareness benefit. Buzzing away, the tattoo artist were inking people up to the sound of the bands and the decor of dozens of great pieces of art. Back home at Bunny Gunner, we are exhibiting a show by our beloved friend, Joel Heflin. He created giant flannel grams of apocalyptic-like events. These pieces are funny, they have child-like cut out felt monsters being bombarded by angels and jet planes. We even got to make t-shirts from some of the left over cutouts. Joel is member of the art collective Finishing School and has a great bunch of friends who all came together to support him. Joel even had a visit from the folks from MOCA!. We ate a delicious meal cooked by in home traveling Gourmet Chef and our friend, April Boyer who's company is called " The Modern Gourmet". This was the most amazing meal! April spoiled 20 of us. She came in at about 1:00 and started cooking her heart out. Dinner was ready at 4:30 starting out with Appetizers : Proscuitto-Wrapped Shrimp and Bruscetta. Then for the main course; Ceasar Salad
Chilled Penne with Chicken, Pesto and Pine Nuts, Meatball Lasagna, Brocolli Rabe with Garlic and Romano Cheese and Tiramisu for dessert. Unbelievable! I highly recommend April, this was a real treat! We haven't felt pampered like that in years! She does everything from doing all the shopping , bringing all the platters and bowls to cleaning up after the meal...she does everything and at a great price! I'm telling you, that was the best Lasagna I have ever eaten! Everything was so delicious and we even had leftovers for today;-) Thank you April! We love you!

Well, that was our weekend here in the Colony, I hope that you enjoy the slideshow and we invite you to join us on the second Saturday of every month to celebrate the arts and entertainment, right here in downtown Pomona.
-Juan and Susie


ren said...

It was great I had a good time can`t waite for the next one.

Ed said...

Thanks for running through the exhibits. I've wanted to do something like that, but I promise you, nobody would want ME describing artwork.

James said...

That was a great night. If only I didn't get tired early. I got home and was completely knocked out. I think it was because of all the things that happened this week. But I think I may have been dreaming about April's cooking that night. OMG, the lasagna and tiramisu!!

Anonymous said...

Loved last Saturday with Tattoos for the Cure and the da gallery's art.

check out my review in cal poly's student newspaper!

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

I missed this event:( but thanks for the recap!!!