Sunday, November 16, 2008

Secret Glass House Bar Opening

Finally, after 2 and a half years of waiting, the Glass House Bar is ready to open. Earlier today, Saturday November 15, we got an anonymous tip that the bar was going to have a private opening. Well, we took it slow and waited to go see for ourselves until after dinner at Pho Vi and a drink at DBA. The buzz was out, several people where already reporting that it was the spot of the night and it was packed. Just like the streets were during a random Saturday night. It seemed Pomona was the place to be. Was it the fires keeping everyone local? Or keeping everyone away from the OC? Well, just to name a few, The Globe, Pho Vi, Casa Jimenez, Joey's BBQ, and DBA, Sakura Ichi, all reported big crowds. Back to the new bar, we entered passing a curious guard holding a digital ID reading machine. This should of been a tip-off for the future/high-tech, sleek feel the bar entails. What a crowd, we immediately saw our friend Jaclyn bartending and ordered our two Stellas. We then proceeded deeper into the bar and discovered a whole group of our local colonists were already holding a beautifully sculpted glass and wood table for all of us.

By the way, Perry (owner and creator of this living sculpture) was there to greet us and welcome us to his latest creation. He is seen here with our friend Christina who is also the manager for the Glass House Record Store next door.

Looking around you can't help but notice the Future/Retro/Minimal feel of the decor. The tables, benches, chairs, ceiling, windows, bar, and everything else is custom made of mostly welded steel and glass. We know "Malibu" Jim Arneson had a lot to do with this, being the lead sculptor, he also created the Huge Metal "Wing" above the bar and the giant steel apendage protruding from inside and extending out over the front of the building.

Oh Yeah, and I can't forget Tom Pathe's huge painting of a TV color test bar hung solo on the west wall. It is illuminated by two massive lights giving it a glowing presence which makes the room complete.

Well, needless to say, this place is an instant hit. With a full bar and great atmosphere, it will be a definite stopping point for all those crazy people looking for a good place to drink. This said, it adds another peg to our booming Downtown Pomona night life and music culture. Bravo Perry, we love it and can't wait to come back.


tibbi said...


i'm still your favorite bartender- right?


(more crying)

pomona's art colonists said...

You are our favorite male bartender, hands down and Jaclyn is our favorite girl ...she's like my daughter!
and like I said, you remind me of my son ;-)