Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Tray Chic" at the dA this Saturday, November 22nd

This a great cause!

Our friends from the dA are having an event on Saturday and YOU should come!
This is perfect chance to pick up unique gifts for Christmas and support your local arts
while listening to some Jazz and enjoying a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Here's the deal,

Tray Chic
Serving up FUN & FUNDS
Event date: Saturday, November 22, 2008
Time: 6pm to 10pm
Location: The dA Center for the Arts, 252 S Main St., Pomona Arts Colony, CA 91766
The dA Center for the Arts is known for creative fundraising. There were the metal chairs, the bowling balls, the skulls, and now artists have taken cafeteria trays and transformed them for the "Tray Chic" silent auction fundraiser.
The event will take place this Saturday during the closing reception for the dA's current show, a remarkable art exhibit titled Popztlan. The dA has gained its reputation as a place where established contemporary artists such as Karl Benjamin and André Miripolsky, show alongside talented local and emerging artists. The Popztlan exhibit, featuring two paintings by Karl Benjamin, and a bridge that was once installed over the L.A. river, is truly a sensory adventure.

A preview of early Tray Chic submissions, indicates a range of concepts that are “off the hook” so to speak. Notable artists such as Michael Woodcock, Dan Van Klapp, Fr. Bill Moore, and Dee Marcellus Cole are contributing trays, our beloved First Street Gallery volunteers are in the mix, and a few new artists will be making their en-tray into the downtown art scene. The dA has a strong artist base and the support for this event has been enthusiastic.

Here's 2 trays made by Juan Thorp ( my sweetie)

Trays will be sold in an silent auction format, with proceeds going to support The dA’s mission. Bidding starts at 6pm, and closes at 8:45pm. Winning bidders can purchase and take their trays on the spot. Trays not sold during the silent auction will be available for purchase during the month of December.

For extra fun while deciding which tray to bid on, there will be a wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, the dA Martini Club will be recruiting new members, and a jazz trio to embellish the evening.

For more information
Contact Terry Castillo

This was in IE Weeky today

Getting Tray Chic
in Pomona, Saturday November 22
By: Stacy Davies

While eating cafeteria-style food is not one of those dining experiences we ever intentionally seek out (you’ve been on the road three hours, you’re starving, and there’s a Sizzler—what you gonna do?), we do have our radar scoped out for people who get all creative with mundane, functional items and make them kitschier than they already were. In fact, we live for it. Lucky for us, the dA Center is holding a fundraiser for itself this weekend, and doing exactly that—offering up cafeteria trays transformed by local artists such as Michael Woodcock, Dan Van Klapp, Fr. Bill Moore, Dee Marcellus Cole and more, and peddling them at a silent auction to keep the dA thriving. Funkiness for a good cause? We’ll take two helpings, please. The event takes place at the closing reception of the dA’s current exhibition, Popztlan a “truly sensory adventure” that among other things features a bridge that was once installed over the LA River. There’ll also be hors d'oeuvres, wine tasting, and a jazz band to keep you greased and groovy. So unhinge your wallet and check out this worthwhile event—remember, you have holiday shopping to do, and nothing says “I love you” more than molded sheets of plastic and fiberglass embellished with a Venusian pin-up girl with missile-tipped ta tas. I can now check grammy off my list. (Stacy Davies)

Tray Chic fundraiser at dA Center for the Arts, 252 S. Main St., Pomona Arts Colony, (909) 397-9716; Sat., Nov. 22, 6PM–10PM


Anduhrew said...

as always depends heavily on the amount of homework I can get done before then, but I'd LOVE to be there! If my girlfriend weren't so afraid to ride her bike on public streets we'd ride our bikes.

Kate Thornton said...

I am delighted to report that I not only won the bid on one of Juan Thorp's trays - woohoo! - but that Fr. Bill Moore won the bid on one of mine!

It just doesn't get any better - and the whole evening was a fantastic experience. I think just about every artist in the SG Valley showed up - I'm not sure how much the da Center made on the event, but I do know that many of us donated the entire amount back to the gallery and some of those beauties (at least 2 by Fr. Bill Moore and a knockout one by Dee Marcellus Cole) went for a lot.

I saw George Cutress' name on a lot of the bid slips! It was a terrific way to get a piece by your favorite artist and support the Center at the same time.

Kate Thornton

pomona's art colonists said...

We had a great time too! I bid on 8 or 9 trays and ended up with just two, but GOOD ones, I started my bids at $50 to drive up the bid or end up with trays I really like. We got a Kyle McCulloch, producer of South Park ;-) and a John Neiuber.
The Martini club was fun with Charlotte La Belle serving up key lime martini's. The food was provided by Aladin Jr. and great wine was donated by Ron Faris owner of dba256.
I think that the dA raised a good amount and a good time was had by all!

James said...

this sounded like a lot of fun. juan handed me a tray. i should have done one. but my head was spinning with things. i think it was post-bike ride that weekend. tell juan i love his tray. a total hoot.