Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pomona Arts colony Artwalk from another perspective

Last night the Arts Colony had very special guests. We had a group of about 92 photographers who explored the entire Colony, snapping as many shots as they could along the way. They are part of a Photo group called "Faded and Blurred" who regularly schedule photo walks all over Southern Califonia. Luckily they chose Pomona's Artwalk this time and we benefit with the beautiful pictures they are sharing with us that show the Colony from a fresh perspective.
Thank you Faded and Blurred for sharing these beautiful photos with us!
We love Pomona and You really captured our essence!


Anonymous said...

OMG...this pics are so rad!!!

Ren said...

Good job Susie-Q

Frank Wise said...

Very glad to be a part of the Arts Colony. Please keep us posted at about upcoming events. So many of our walkers fell in love with your amazing community. We had a great time.

Thanks again for the gracious hospitality.

Co-founder of Faded and Blurred