Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Artwalk Review

Who says August is a dead month for art?

Well, that was not the case last night during Pomona's Art Walk. I got a chance to make it around the block this time and took a few pictures. Man was it packed out, there were lots of people hanging around the galleries, farmer's market and all the restaurants. By far the largest crowd was congregating around the dA Center. They were featuring the works of over 100 artists for the "Gone Fishin" show that consisted of fish based art. The highlights of the show were Chris Toovey's collection of fish paraphernalia installed in the back room, the ping pong goldfish game and the giant fish photo shoot by Cherie. There was a huge crowd in the gallery all looking around at the fish art. Just around the corner were a few new exhibitions. One was David S. Wade's paintings at the PO for this "Corrugated Heroes" show and the other was a group show at dba256 by local artists. Besides that, "Out of the Blue", a show by the Blue Core Group did well to bring crowds of people to the "West Side". And while in the West Side people stopped by to visit Ross Thompson's ceramic studio and picked up a few bowls. On the other end of 2nd St., Miramar put together a provocative photography exhibit bringing people down to that area and continuing on to Joey's BBQ where there was another new art exhibit with band and all. There were lots of other things going on, but I can't tell you here, you'll just have to come next 2nd Saturday and experience them for yourselves.

Back at the home front, we at Bunny Gunner are featuring a show with paintings by former Pomona Artists, Carlos Estrada-Vega. His colored square paintings and Ross's Ceramics in the window did well to draw a nice crowd to our gallery. So did a new show at Ink'd Chronicles next door which exhibited paintings by artist Psyco James and others.

Photos by Jill Carol, Juan Thorp and Susie Eaton

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