Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grand opening and ribbon cutting of Aladddin Jr.

A busy night for the Colony Tonight!

First of all, it is the grand opening for our neighbor "Aladdin Jr." The Pomona Chamber of Commerce is holding a ribbon cutting for the event. This takes place at 5:30 at 296 W. 2nd St. (Corner of 2nd and Main) in the Arts Colony. Inside Aladdin, is also the long awaited preview of the new lounge room "Night Driving", a curated effort by Perry Tollet (Glasshouse) and Rolo Castillo (5iftybucks). Come by and taste the food, music, and art.

Just down the street at 256 S. Main St. (Corner of 3rd and Main) DBA256 is hosting the Dale Bros Brewery "Pacific Daylight" introduction party. Mmmm ... summer beer. This starts at 6pm.

Two parties only a few hundred feet from each other, I think that's enough to do for a Thursday night. Come out and enjoy the cool summer nights right here in the Colony.


Skrip said...

Is this an old post or am I just out of it right now?

pomona's art colonists said...

You should have come out tonight... we had a blast!
Grand opening of Aladdin Jr. and Night Driving, new beer at dba and great atmosphere at Acerogami...we had fun and just got home ;-)