Monday, July 13, 2009

Mixing it up with the Mixed Drink Colony walk.

Yes it was after second Saturday and we decided to celebrate. The night started off with a mini BBQ with friends at DBA. Only had a few beers to start here, but we'll get back to that later. We all had the pirate itch and were feeling like having some rum in us, you know to perk us up from that "so tired can't think straight" slump. Off to Acerogami (Glass House Bar) we all went. And to our luck, Erinn and Jaclyn where there ready to serve our imaginations. For the first round, I ordered the "facebook famous" lychee martini that was delicious and smooth. Susie and Marisa went for "the VIP" (a special martini) and a lemon drop. Now we said we were going to stick to rum and try something different every time, but the drinks got the better of us and we broke the rules right of the bat. Marisa ordered the same drink and I went for a dirty martini with Susie going for the Bloody Mary. Well, this changed things as now Susie was set on those delicious BM's and Marisa going for the Don Juan. At this point anything was game. Jaclyn served up some watermelon shots and Alex and Natalie joined the party along with Brad who was drinking scotch and soda. I was feeling experimental so I went home and grabbed the pickle jar. Jaclyn made me the best pickle juice martini ever, so Susie had some of the same mixed into her BM. At this point Alex was ready to buy me a shot so we had some fruity smooth thing I can't remember. Now around 12 am, we decided to continue our adventure to another bar. Characters was the obvious choice, and a strong one it was. At Characters I ended up just asking Jessica, "Give me something with vodka that's not sweet." I got a screwdriver in a huge mug with some orange wedges mixed in and Susie had another BM, but this one was huge and had a giant celery stick coming out of it. By now, last call was approaching so we decided to take it back home. Back to DBA it was were Tibbi made Susie an awesome Chelada with Clamato and hot sauce and other stuff I don't remember. In keeping with the martini vibe, he also served us up mixed nuts in a martini glass. Thanks Jaclyn, Erinn, Tibbi, and Jessica for providing a great mixed drink mayhem bar walk. Maybe we'll do this every "Second Sunday" or is it called "The Day After"?

-Juan and Susie


Anduhrew said...

if you do it every day after, I'll be there!

Skrip said...

Geesh, what a weekend! By the way, thanks Juan and Susie for a great time at the B'Gunner 2nd! Had a blast with you guys into the wee morning hours... Juan you were an amazing host man! Will see you guys again very soon!

A. S. Ashley said...

BAR WALK!?!? (or crawl)

We need to set up a regular night for that!