Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second Saturday Artwalk October 2009

IT was an extra busy 2nd Saturday this month with some new Galleries, lots of Music and new visitors from all over Southern California. Parts of Second St. were closed off to allow a few bands to play their music for the "Tattoo for the Cure" event at Ink'd Chronicles. And what a crowd they had, people were lining up to get their ribbon tattoo or piercing. The bands also provided entertainment for the hundreds of people in line to get into The Glass House to see the Swedish Metal band "Children of Bodom."
On the other end of Second St. or what we like to call "the West Side," and new gallery sprung up in the newly renovated Edison Building. "Silence Gallery" did well to bring a new crowd of artists and lookers to the ever-growing area. Also on the West Side, Fahter Bill Moore Studio Gallery, Blue Core Gallery and A.S.Ashley Studios reported being "swamped" with record numbers of new visitors.
Back to the dA Gallery and SCA, they also felt the crowds having to stay open a little later as people were still looking after 10pm. Two other events on Thomas Street also contributed to the record numbers of the night. Platform Skate won a contest and a touring skate park set up across from them where people got to enjoy skating all day. Just next door, Galeria Rustica celebrated 10 years in the Colony with a huge group art show with all from the Colony and beyond.
Overall, the good weather, the music, new galleries, big events and the art all contributed to another successful Pomona Arts Colony Art Walk. If you missed it, you have a second chance on Metro Night out Last Saturday Art Walk on the 31.
Photos by: Ren, Jill Carol, and Bunny Gunner

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Dude, Bodom is from FINLAND