Monday, September 22, 2008

Treasure in the Colony

Yesterday was Sunday and that means that we head over to dba256 to get our Tibbi fix.
If you haven't met Tibbi, then you need to go over and introduce yourselves...he's the best.
He knows everything there is to know about beer, he loves beer.
We love beer too and we so appreciate having a place like this right around the corner from us.
dba256 Gallery wine bar is,  ofcourse known for it's wine, but they have several beers on tap and a huge selection of beers in the bottle. Every time we go into dba, Tibbi introduces us to something new,  always something great!
Last night He made us the most delicious Panini, it's called the Cuban, filled with ham, turkey, cheese, roasted peppers on rye focaccia. The sandwich is huge, we split it, it also comes with fresh strawberries, melon, pineapple and was perfect and there are many others on the menu along with cheese platters. 
Sunday is going to be beer tasting day...this is coolest! 
dba256 Gallery wine bar is located at 256 s. Main St.  Pomona, 91766
here's some photos of Tibbi and his creation...we both took a bite before the photo ;-P



tibbi said...

thanks susie...I appreciate it whenever you guys come in. You guys are my favorite customers.

Cheers for the Art Colonists!!!!

And Cheers to beer!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Tibby this evening and he did indeed confirm that your are his favorite customers. I feel slighted...guess I just don't have the charm that you do. What's it all about when I have to compete for attention. my. my.

tibbi said...

Maybe if Larry came in more often he'd have the chance to tip the scales...

Sorry Larry...we're from two different worlds

you love wine. i love beer.

and Sally still drinks Coors.

c'est le vie....

Anonymous said...

Not just Coors, Coors Light. I thought I brought her up better than that.


Anduhrew said...

I have yet to meet tibbi, someday i'll make it over to find out more about this mescal gospel he's spreading.

Anonymous said...

Tibbi: Not to belabor the point, but you should know that Sally was weened on Chateau Lafite, Margaux, and Krug Grand Cuvee'. How the hell she turned out to be a beer drinker is beyond me. Speaks to her independence I guess.

Sally said...

Why is it such a big deal that I drink Coors light?
and for the record I do like "fancy" beer...Tibby,
and "fine" wine.... Pops.
just wanted to clear that up,

Anonymous said...


this is all my fault...

i never should've pitted larry against juan and susie in regards to the prize of my affection (technically, i never pitted anyone against anyone, it just turned out that way)

i love all (most) of my customers...sally included...