Friday, September 19, 2008

Best Steak Dish in Pomona

I am a fan of steak! And I have tried many restaurants here in Pomona. I have found one of the most delicious steak dishes ever, right here in good ol' Downtown Pomona. And the winner is, The sizzling Teppan Filet Mignon at Sakura Ichi. They bring it over in a bowl and pour it over and hot iron skillet at your table. Now I've had good Filet Mignon before, but this beats them with the sesuane flavor and tremendous portions (I had to take mine home and enjoy it for lunch today). We also enjoy our $9 pitcher of Kirin beer and to our luck, it was happy hour and got a second pitcher free.

We frequent this eatery quite often and have made friends with the owner, Leo. He was our first waiter and we have fell in love with him ever since. Leo always makes it a point to come over and chat and make us laugh. He reminds us that now they are having live entertainment on Friday and Saturday Nights. Thats just all to good to pass up.

Sakura Ichi is located in the Mission Promenade at 101 W. Mission Blvd.


Enrique said...

Hey I was there for the second time last nite and I must say they have really made an effort to change the restaurant for the better. l wasnt too crazy about the first time I was there, but yesterday was great, they had a girl performing on stage by the name of Adjoa Skinner who was just amazing, we event hung out after her set and she told us about her name and the work she does in Africa(outside of music). Just a great experience overall, I cant wait to go back next friday night.

Kate Thornton said...

I always enjoyed the food, but the lighting at the bar made me crazy - well, induce some sort of negative brain action anyway. Glad to hear the steak is good - I'll be looking forward to trying it.

Great pics from the Fair, too!

James said...

i had that place the last time i was in there. man, you're right. i almost couldn't finish it. i think i took some home as well.

Ed said...

I'll admit to having not tried this restaurant yet, so you can take all the credit for finally getting me to go. I usually leave the food posts to Meg, but if it tastes as good as it looks, then maybe I'll toss a few words in.