Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last day at the fair

So, we went to the fair Sunday, looking for our friend Tibbi, I guess we were a little late for his shift at The Beer Gardens.  We ended up making a new friend,  Sheila,  who was pouring beer. 
Sheila Johnson is a 55 year old bass player in a all girl band called "know bs",  she's a retired engineer from the aerospace industry starting a whole new life for herself. 
Although we were disappointed that we missed Tibbi, we were  happy to have made a new friend.
Sheila was awesome! We were there for her entire shift which I think was 4 hours, ran into so many friends and soon Sheila was on the other side of the bar hanging out with all of us. Beer tasting is our favorite thing to do at the fair, it is one of the best kept secrets. You get to sample 4 micro brews at a time and get to ask the friendly bartenders questions about beer. Our favorite beer turned out the be the "Ballast Point Big Eye IPA". Sheila told us there is a trend in California that brewers use tons of hops and are known as "Hop Heads".  I guess now I know why we like IPAs so much, were hop heads too. We had so much fun, but don't need to do that again for about another year!
Check out Sheila's band at www.myspace.com/knowbsrocks.
photos are from the booth at the fair, first photos; Juan, George and myself. Second photo; our friends Sally and Sonny, who we missed at the fair but made up for it later at Characters ;-P 


tibbi said...


what time did you guys show up?

i was there from 10-3

there were some pretty good beers while I was there...damn it.

I guess there's always next year,

I have to post my photos from sunday and stuff too...

KNOW BS said...

Sheila is NO LONGer With Our band
KNOW BS as of 2008!
Blake "Drummer"