Sunday, September 7, 2008

Santa Ana artwalk

Last night a bunch of us colonist headed out to Santa Ana for the Animal Magnetism show. We had a great time, ran into a lot old friends, it was a good turnout and the art was good! 

here's the photos:
above top
Our good friend James and Juan at Memphis,
Amy Caterina's art...  one of my favorite artist.
below are;
A.S. Ashley in the mouse trap with Natalie, 
Jeff and Margie ( we all love these two ),
Our new friend Patricia, the bar at Memhis, this place is happening!  I remember when this cool place was just a hair salon.
standing by their art are our sweet friends Matt Driggs and Janet Owen Driggs with their son Theo who was pooped out from too much birthday party....he turned one. Laurie Hassold's monster...I love her work!
Juan Thorp standing by his piece.
Aspects of Mel's hole at Grand Central Art Center


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A. S. Ashley said...

They should never let the hellions from Pomona enter the O.C.!