Thursday, September 4, 2008

Faculty art show at Cypress College

Last night three of us Pomona Arts Colonist went to a really cool faculty exhibit at Cypress College. Some of the artist at Cypress have shown their art right here at Bunny Gunner, we do some work for some of them as well ( yes they come all the way to Pomona from Los Angeles, Long Beach, Huntington Beach and other cities to have framing and vinyl done for their shows.
Many of them come to our artwalks monthly!
Here's some pictures of these friends of ours and their art.
James, why don't we have a picture of you?
Good times at Shakey's afterwards!

Ed, Denise and Lucca Giardina

Paul Paiement and Ed Giardina

Bear by Matt Driggs

Little Pharma-Physic Garden by Ed Giardina and James Rojsirivat (Finishing School)

paintings by Devon Tsuno 

This a good show, Cypress College has a strong art department.  Exhibit runs till September 26th.

Painting by  Paul Paiement
who has a show at Peter Blake in Laguna Beach



James said...

it's funny cause even i don't even have good pictures of my piece. people kept putting the headphones back before i could really snap a shot of them listening to the sound piece. i think i'm gonna have to go back and stage a photo for documentation.

Anika Anni said...

This is pretty, I love it. I can't wait to see more.

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