Monday, September 1, 2008

Glass House folks do buy art

I remember hearing some people say that the Glass House didn't do anything for the arts colony and "those people" are just a bunch of kids, and none of them buy art. Well this couldn't be further from the truth. We have on two occasions sold art to members of Glass House bands. One musician was on tour from Mexico City and purchased and took home his piece. More recently a member of Municipal Waste from Virginia bought two works of art which we shipped to him. 

Besides buying art, the crowd waiting for the shows come in regularly to look at the art, ask about where to eat, and buy T-Shirts. Some have also become regular customers for framing and have even been included in group shows at our gallery.

Besides bringing the galleries business, they are also great supporters of the local restaurants and other retail shops such as Labomba,  Magic Door 4  books and  Inkd Chronicle and Needles and Pins to name a few. So to you who say the Glass House "kids" do nothing for the community, you're not seeing the whole picture.


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Anonymous said...

Everyone will buy art at some point. The Glass House has been around longer than many venues in the colony. They are great neighbors! Dee