Monday, January 5, 2009

Cut-A-Thon at Savoie

Two years ago Elizabeth and Kevin Pilon were expecting their first child. During labor Elizabeth suffered a AFE. A Anmotic Fluid Embolism, which is so rare most doctors will never see encounter one. More than 50% of women die when they have a AFE. Luckily Elizabeth survived the AFE but was left with a partial hysterectomy at the age 23. She can still biologically have children she just cannot carry them.

Savoie Complete Hair Solutions will be hosting a Cut-A-Thon on January 11th from 11a.m. to 3p.m. to help raise money for Kevin and Elizabeth to have another child via surrogate. Sheila Pilon (Kevin's sister) has decided to carry the child for them. Sheila is also a stylist at Savoie and will be one of the five stylist helping out with the Cut-A-Thon. Savoie is asking for a minimum of $20 donations. Haircuts only please. Thank you. 909-865-6500
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