Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Artwalk 2010

November art walk marks the opening of a few new galleries and a whole list of great shows. Starting on the "West Side" Fr. Bill Moore Gallery exhibited the work of Mike Glass with his painting on glass. A few doors down, Indigo gallery presented the photography of Dave Bullock with his "LA Walkabouts". 20 Miles East show the various works of students from the area. Just next door at the Sculpture Garden, Mike Severin curated a Door Show with interesting works from various artists. Further East, AC Projects featured the acrylic and metal sculptures of Dean DeCocker. At Bunny Gunner, we showed the art of P. Williams with his many brightly colored paintings. Metro Gallery brought in an artist from Peru, Loan Louis. NY Delight had the photographic works of Dean Larson. Just South, Pedersen Projects showcased a solo show of paintings by Jophen Stein. SCA Gallery included a juried group show of works by SCA members. Just next door, Latino Art Museum held a fund raising event selling works on paper. Around the Corner dba256 featured the art of Brandon Spiegel with bright colored geometric paintings. Next door the dA Gallery had the Aztlan show for a second month. Down the alley, Hole the Wall Gallery presented the art of Ian Trout and Kim Alexander with their bricks and donuts installation. Pomona newest gallery EVE Gallery hosted the painting of Ortega and Cisneros.
There were much more things going one, but you have to come down and see for yourself.

Photo credits: Ren, Jill Carol, Denis Thorp, Kirk Pedersen, Juan Thorp

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