Friday, September 3, 2010

Please Vote for Tara!

Tara Tavi is a Pomona Unified Kindergarten teacher, resident of Lincoln Park and long time local artist and musician. Local hairstylist Cherie Savoie of Savoie salon in downtown Pomona suggested while she was doing her hair that she should try to be on the TV show Mad Men. She styled her hair into a little bouffant and took tons of pics of her w/ Bunny Gunner's camera in 60's dresses. Here's some of them- In August, she signed up to be in a contest by AMC to get voted onto the TV show Mad Men. Tara is now placed at #83 of female candidates. She just need to get into the top 10 by Sept. 17th to be considered for the role. We were hoping that maybe she could get some local support! People can vote once per day per computer or Smartphone. Here is the link...

Thank you for your support,


Renco said...

For you Susie Q you got it
she has my VOTE.

John Clifford said...

Added my vote, but it appears she's dropped to 112th.