Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bunny Gunner Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Well, here we are, it's been three years since we decided to open a small business known as Bunny Gunner. And what a great ride it has been! To bring it all to a culmination, we celebrated Bunny Gunner's 3rd birthday with a massive group show called "We All Scream". Taking from the famous saying, this show features about 100 artists all creating art with the theme "ice cream". 2nd Saturday was the opening of the show and it was a great reception with a packed house all night. If you missed it, please stop by during the week or on Last Saturday for our second reception (July 31st, 6pm - 11pm).
Also in July, Bunny Gunner is having a very special reception during our Pomona Chamber of Commerce
Mixer. This event will be held on Thursday, July 15th from 5-8pm. All are welcome to attend and are encouraged to dress in casual beach wear. Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, shorts and tikki attire are hip. We will provide some snacks and drinks.
After 3 years, we are excited about all the things we have done and are planning for the future. Thank you to all the artists who show in our gallery and everyone who has supported us for the last 3 years because without you, there would be no
Bunny Gunner.

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sorry i missed it. the wife and i were spending alone time... i DO have a gift for you though!