Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Artwalk 2010

Last night was the opening for our annual ALL U CAN EAT art show at Bunny Gunner. What a night it was, we had a huge turnout of people with times where you couldn't walk in the door. All the artists were happy and their collectors even more. Great sales due to the affordable prices with some artists selling out. Total pieces topped 114 with Fr. Bill alone selling 19 and Manuel Ortega doing really well with six of seven selling, and Jophen Stein selling all five of his little chess piece foxes. We had plenty of good snacks and beer with both seeming to disappear as soon as it went out. It was a fun night with good people, if you missed it come down to our place and you'll find there are still lots of great pieces available.

Slideshow to follow:
photos by Ren, Jill Carol, Delaine Ureno and us :)

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