Monday, May 11, 2009

Colony Continues to Grow

With the addition of three new galleries, the Pomona Arts Colony continues to grow as one of the leading art walks in Southern California. Did you drive down here and couldn't find parking? Well thats a good thing, that means we are continuing to break records with the attendance for the art walk. There were a few big events that contributed to the large crowds. The Downtown Center had to student shows, one of the SAE highschoolers and the other showing the winners of the Tile Mural contest for Pomona students. Another student show was also held at the dA featuring the work of PUSD students. The Glass House had a huge show, the Fox Theater had an art auction to benefit Wounded Warriors, and the church had their regular service. Also adding to the mayhem was "Safety in Numbers", the group photography show at DBA256, our show here at Bunny Gunner with Cathy Garcia and David Flury, and a big print making group show at 57 Underground. To add to this already full night, 3 new galleries opened their doors. One was The Blue Core Gallery showing the work of Cheryl Bookout down on the west end of 2nd St. Another was Mirimar Longboards, located just over by Joey's Gallery. An lastly, OBJCT Gallery opened it's doors with an amazing display of hard edge modern type artwork. Welcome to the neighborhood new galleries, just remember, you have to do this everymonth. And I can't forget to mention the Rolo Castillo has a display of about 100 of his rock posters plastered on the walls of Joey's Art Bar. And A.S. Ashley opened his studio doors and invited people to come on in as part of the art walk. and the Farmer's Market had over 1,800 people come through. All in all it was the perfect night for an art walk in a colony that continues to expand.
-Juan and Susie

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Skrip said...

Jam Packed Saturday! Had a blast and everyone I've introduced to this event from all over L.A. County keeps coming back and telling others. The Pomona ArtWalk is the best there is!